Deviljho Must Die

Monster Hunter: World has thus far been a smashing success. And events like the Spring Festival are a big part of the reason why. The festival has brought a lot of goodies, like new skins for the handler and poogie (so cute!), and new weapons and armor sets. But most importantly it has brought back every event quest that has been in the game so far. That means now is your chance to complete special limited time quests that you may have missed the first time around, like the ones for Street Fighter and Horizon: Zero Dawn gear. But we aren’t here to talk about that stuff. We are here to…Relish The Moment(sorry). Relish The Moment is the event quest that sets you on the trail of a tempered Deviljho. To those of you who don’t know, tempered monsters are the strongest version of each creature in Monster Hunter. They do more damage and they stay enraged for most of the fight. These monsters can make for tough fights but no monster proves more of a challenge than tempered Deviljho.

Seriously. He is a jerk.

But it’s worth the effort because taking down tempered Jho has a high chance of rewarding Warrior and Hero Streamstones. These Streamstones are used to augment weapons and they are very rare. Very, very rare. Hero Streamstones especially so. I’ve gotten more Streamstones from 5 Deviljho hunts than I have from 20 hours of farming tempered elder dragons. No joke. But the Spring Festival is drawing to a close so if you haven’t gotten the chance to Relish The Moment (last one I promise) then you’re in the right place. Because I’ve put together a foolproof guide of how to take down the Big Pickle. (Important Note: This guide mainly pertains to this fight taking place in the Ancient Forest. Check the editor’s note at the bottom for an update about the Elder’s Recess changes.)

Now a disclaimer first: this is not going to be a MLG level min/max guide. I play a lot of video games but that doesn’t mean I’m particularly good at them. As proof here is an example of my video game prowess.

Inspiring stuff right? Also, this build/guide isn’t going to help you beat Deviljho quickly, just reliably and safely–if you follow the steps. I wanted to focus on a build that was easy to set up and wouldn’t require a ton of farming or rare items to complete. Let’s get started.

The Right Tool For The Job

The main component of this build will be the lance. You don’t need to be good with it but you do need to know the basics. I would suggest taking it out on a few hunts before getting to the main event. It would also be a good idea to use it against base Deviljho a few times just to get a good idea of how to counter his move set. Though, fair warning: tempered Deviljho is a different beast altogether. Another thing you should do is take a look at this weapon guide from Arekkz Gaming. I’d been using the lance for about 2 weeks before I watched it and it still taught me a few things.

Got the lance down? Good. But which lance should you be using? Personally, I like using Deviljhos own lance, Fiendish Tower. It’s awesome looking, has high raw damage, has the dragon element which Jho is weak to and spins like a drill when you charge. In other words, it’s perfect. You can also get white sharpness on this lance which provides a nice damage boost. But honestly, any decent lance will do. My second choice would be Nergigante’s lance Perdition’s Hand, which is more or less Fiendish Tower-lite.

Dress To Impress

Now let’s take a look at the armor. Deviljho does a lot of damage and we’re going to plan on blocking as much of it as we can. That means we’re going to need at least four points in the Guard skill. Having this means that Jho won’t be able to just murder you through your block with his insane chip damage. It will also mean you have enough stamina to keep your guard up against his onslaught. To achieve this effect I run with Bazel Mail b, Uragaan Vmbrances b, Uragaan Coil a and Uragaan Greaves b as seen below. The main objective with your armor is to have at least Guard 4. The rest is up to you.

Yes, this build includes the Dragonking Eyepatch, just like every other one.


In addition to Guard 4, this setup gives you a number of slots for jewels. I absolutely recommend taking 2 to 3 Vitality jewels and 2 to 3 Protection jewels. The Vitality jewels will raise your health pool a great deal. And the Protection jewels gives you a roughly 25% chance of taking reduced damage whenever Jho smacks you. And he will smack you. These jewels aren’t rare so if you’ve been playing for a while you should have a few lying around. You’ll make good use of both–trust me. Deviljho can easily two-shot you.

Or even one shot you (don’t worry that was a different build!). And if he picks up a Great Jagras? Forget. About. It. Having these jewels slotted in will prevent most mistakes from being fatal. And you will make mistakes. Jho is too fast and his moves have too much area for you not to slip up at least once. And he has a tail whip that will hit you no matter what you do. Having some extra defense will make sure you can get back up again–more often than not.

Any other jewels you take from there are up to you. I have played a lot so I have the handicraft jewel as well as the sharp jewel. They help keep the white sharpness on Fiendish Tower longer so I am able to do that much more damage. But they are rare so you may not have them. You can also consider slotting in an attack or tremor resistance jewel but that is all up to personal preference–same goes for the charm.

Your Cat Buddy

Now onto my better half. This is what my cat Dresden is wearing. It has nothing to do with this guide but I think he looks adorable.

So Majestic.

His weapon and his gadget are what matters here. I have him using the Radobaan weapon: Felyne Baan Balla. With it, you will likely be able to put Jho to sleep at least once during the hunt–twice if you’re lucky. So I would suggest you bring barrel bombs along with so you can wake him up in style. But even if you don’t want to go that route you can take the moment to sharpen your weapon, chug a potion and remind yourself all of this is worth it for the sweet, precious loot. Think of the loot. I also have Dresden using the vigor wasp gadget for the heal. It’s just more insurance to prevent getting carted. Anytime you lower your shield you are in danger. Jho is really fast and can cover a lot of ground and you could file your taxes in the time it takes you to sheath your lance. An important note though: be patient. Your palico will do its best to keep you hale and healthy but Jho will absolutely obliterate him like he does everything else. So if you see your cat getting ragdolled, just give him a moment. He’s earned it. Now, if you’re feeling frisky you could try something else like Meowlotov cocktail–but I think that’s risky. And personally, I’m a hunter not a gambler.

Now For The Fight!

I will try to keep this section brief. There isn’t a whole lot to this fight. You’re using a lance so block and parry. A lot. This is not a build for speedrunners (my times average around 20 minutes) but it will be safe. Because most of the time you will just be blocking and parrying. With experience, you’ll learn what moves are safe to parry and what moves aren’t. But if Jho is winding up with something that looks particularly scary just hide behind your shield. That’s what it’s there for. But there are some moments where you can and should be more proactive. Which I’ll cover here.

Mount Often

Deviljho may seem to be the perfect predator but he isn’t without his weaknesses. Namely, he is weak to mounting. And with the lance’s jumping charge attack (performed by pressing forward + jump and attack during a charge) you have an easy way to secure a mount. I like to open up engagements with this but be careful. If you’re successful you get some free damage and even a breather if you need one. Both of those are a premium in this fight.

Bring Flash Bombs

This is a good tip for any hunt honestly but especially with Jho. The only problem with using a flash bomb though is that you have to sheath your weapon to do so, which as I explained above, is risky. But if Jho picks up a Great Jagras forget everything I said, throw your shield on the ground if you need to and you flash him, you flash him right in the face as fast as you can. Jho can batter you senseless with him and will even chuck him at you. Jho is very rude. This is where a lot of Jho’s one shot power comes from and it is something you need to be ready for. Because without a doubt Jho will find Great Jagras or Great Jagras will find Jho and it will be a match made at your funeral.

Advanced Tips

I am calling these advanced tips even though they don’t require any real skill to pull off. They are just a few things you naturally pick up if you play the same hunt over and over again.

Tip 1: Guard Dash Through Jho’s Dragon Breath
Like everything else tempered Deviljho does his dragon breath move hurts. A lot. Even worse is that it takes up a huge area and will apply dragonblight if hit–stripping any elemental damage from your weapon. Because this move takes a long time to complete it can be a while before you have another opening. One thing I’ve begun doing is guard dashing through the cloud (guard+forward+Y/triangle) and then following that move with B or Circle for a jumping strike. It’s a safe way to close the gap and get some free damage in.

Tip 2: Pick up some help
If one hunter cat is good then two is even better. You can find a number of palicos scattered around the map but I prefer the trappers which you can find over near the Ancient Forest tree camp. They will lay down shock traps which won’t hold Jho for long but will give you an opening. They will also give Jho something else to attack and he will absolutely murder them. But better them than you. If you’re having a lot of trouble with this fight and you’re doing okay on time just go back to their village and pick up another one. The best hunters have no conscience.

Tip 3: Take The Easy Way Out
Jho has a lot of health. A lot a lot of health. But once you’ve whittled it down and that fat pickle is ready to sing…just let him go. Unlike elder dragons you actually have the option to capture Jho once he’s low enough and I implore you to do so. Because, seriously, what’re you trying to prove? Besides the nest he retreats to is small. Like, a hobbit would feel cramped in here. But if you do decide to capture him make sure you tranq bomb him first, trap him and then just start smacking the crap out of him. Because even though he’s wounded and should automatically be capturable he probably won’t be. Why? Because he’s Deviljho, that’s why. He should be low enough with a few pokes though and if he isn’t–I am truly sorry.

In Closing

Now there’s a lot I left out here that I am just going to assume you know. Like eating before the hunt, drinking your demondrug and using the Dragonproof Mantle (you should use it). But this guide is already longer than I intended so here’s a TL;DR: Lance + Guard 4 + 20 minutes = captured tempered Deviljho with 0 faints.

Editor’s Note: Most of this guide was written for this hunt taking place in Ancient Forest. But then I login to play today and find that Relish The Moment is now on Elder’s Recces. I am not sure when they changed it just that this confirms what I have long suspected which is that Capcom hates me. Here are the biggest changes and how they will affect the hunt:

  • Jho now throws Dodogama at you instead of The Great Jagras: BAD
  • You can now recruit Gajalaka Raiders: GOOD!
  • Jho can now throw lava at you: BAD
  • Bazelgeuse is there: The worst. Just, ugh.

But Bazel being there will result in a turf war where Jho ends up taking a ton of damage. And there’s a good chance this will occur more than once. In truth, you will likely end up having to fight Jho less but lose that time screaming curses at Bazel. Just be careful! And bring dung pods. Throw poop at everything. Here is a quick snippet of how I fared fighting Jho at Elder’s Recess:


The Spring Festival ends on the 19th so get your pickles while they’re hot!

Deviljho Must Die

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