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Reviewed by | Last update: December 18, 2013

[stat=Publisher]Gamebox[/stat] [stat=Developer]Changyou[/stat] [stat=Genre]MMORPG[/stat] [stat=Distribution]Browser[/stat] [stat=Graphics]Med[/stat] [stat=PvP]Yes[/stat] [stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat] [stat=Download Size]NA[/stat]
[/review]Inferno Legend is a free to play turn-based MMORPG that has players fighting alongside the minions of Hell! Yes, that’s right, this is not your typical, ‘we need to go kill the bad-guys’ type of game, this is a ‘we are the bad guys and we need to keep those pesky good-guys out of our sanctuary’ type of game.

While keeping Angels and Humans out of Hell you will call upon numerous servant-monsters, learn new skills, own multiple pets, form your own demon legion and restore order in the chaotic world that you call home. A great part about Inferno Legend is that it has its own micro-client, web browser and mobile apps that sync data simultaneously, which enables you to enjoy the game from wherever you want to play.

Inferno Legend Review

Reviewed by | Last update: December 18, 2013

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