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The Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas Arachnid Quarter includes boss battles against Anub'Rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina and Maexxna.  This is to help you though the first wing of the latest expansion in Hearthstone.  

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What's up attackers, and welcome to our Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas Arachnid Quarter dungeon crawl. As you all know, and i'm assuming that because why else would you be watching a Naxxramas video, this is the brand new single player, dungeon crawl-like expansion for Hearthstone. Naxxramas will feature five wings, much like the World of Warcraft raid instance, with 30 new collectible cards and a few new game modes.

Anyways, let's check out the Arachnid Quarter, which is the first of the five wings, available for free beggining July 22nd. There are three boss battles you need to do to complete this wing on Normal, with the first being Anub'Rekhan. Anub'Rekhan ( a noob, wreck han) is a, you guessed it, spider, whose deck includes tons of cards with deathrattle. Deathrattle meaning that when the card dies, something happens in its place. I noticed a few of the cards were detrimental to Anub himself, like his first card here, Deathcharger, which deals three damage to himself upon death. Another quick thing to point out is his hero power, cost is two mana, like usual, and it summons a three attack, one health Skitter. Being the first boss, I didn't find him too difficult, I used my fuck you mage deck, which is basically filled with spells, designed to keep the board clean and go straight for my enemies face. While Anub was able to place lots of cards on the playing field, most of them didn't have a lot of health, so it was easy to keep the board clean, just like I was hoping. Being that he did have many cards with deathrattle, it was helpful that I had polymorph available, because it saved me a few times on bigger cards like his Anub' Ambusher at 5/5 and his Nerubian Egg, which seems innocent, but when it's killed, it deathrattles into a 4/4 Nerubian, which sucks. I tried to stay away from them when on the board, and used polymorph to clean him up. I basically one the first game pretty quickly with my Ragnarok dealing damage, and me keeping his cards off the board.

My next match up was with Grand Widow Faerlina. (fair lina) I again took my fuck you mage into battle, as I didn't really know what to expect, but thought I did fairly well in my first match, that she might do well again. Wrong I was, hate to give up the ending so quickly, but she completely starved me out. Now, my deck doesn't have a lot of cards for the board, it's mostly spells, the main issue was that her hero power, Rain of Fire, dealt 1 damage for each card I had in my hand. That's right, on turn two, she could hit me for 4-5-6 damage with two mana, which totally busted any chance I had. I knew after seeing her hero power that there was no way I could keep up. She just kept putting out cards, with deathrattle, as that's the theme of this expansion, and slowly picking away at me. Polymorph was no good, as it took 4 mana, along with my hero power, and by then, I could only erase one of her cards, and it kept so many cards in my deck, that her Rain of Fire would ruin any chance I had to mount a comeback. I lasted 8 turns, and it wasn't even that close. So I re-thought my strat, and decided I need to just go out and wreck her, quickly. Like, keep no cards, send them all out, and just rush her. Which I was able to do, I was lucky with my draw, as I kept getting low level mana cost cards that let me keep them on the board. On turn four my Sorcerer's Apprentice allowed me to throw out all my spells, and cards over the next two turns to really clean up the match. Polymorph also really helped me out with her higher cost cards. So I ended up winning on turn 6 by just all out rushing her down.

Next was Maexxna (may exna), another ugly spider, this one even uglier. First thing I noticed about him, along with being the final Arachnid Quarter boss, was that his Hero Power, Web Wrap, which cost three mana, could send a random card of mine, on the board, back to my hand. I thought, shit, I need to get cards out there to stand a chance, and like I said earlier, with my deck, and the limited amount of playable cards, I was not going to do well. I basically knew right off the bat that I stood no chance. With all his deathrattle cards and the ability to keep the table full, I could do nothing. He slowly widdled me down, almost always have 3-5 cards out on the table at any one time. He wiped me out on turn 12 or 13, I forget now, because I had my back up against the wall the entire time and was really only delaying my innevitable death, which like I said, I knew would happen right from the get-go. So then came round two, I decided to move out of my fuck you mage deck, for my druid deck, which I don't have a clever name for, sorry. This deck is not really built to any guides, It's just thrown together with cards I like, and is good at keeping the enemies cards off the table. I again went for a strategy that worked on the Grand Widow Faerlina, with just rushing the shit out of him. I luckily started with a innervale and thrallmar farseer, so I used those both in conjunction, which gave me a 2/3 with windfury. I followed up that turn with some taunt, because I knew he'd be able to send a random card back to my hand, and was just praying that it wasn't my thrallmar, and it wasn't. I also got a great card with Demolisher, who sent out damage at the start of each of my turns, and he helped to keep his board clean as well. I basically just throttled him from the get-go with the windfury and back to back Starfire's, which totally wrecked him. I'd say I got extremely lucky with my card draw, as I couldn't have even picked a better draw for myself. Turn 8 victory on this one.

So that was it, I had defeated the three bosses, got three new Naxxramas cards for my decks and had a pretty fun time doing it. 5 matches, 3 wins in about 45 minutes of play-time, it took longer because there was a bunch of lag throughout half the games, which was pretty unfortunate, but I figured lots of people were playing so I had to deal with it. Beating the Normal mode unlocked the Class Challenge, got me the Maexxna card and got me ready for next week's dungeon, the Plague Quarter.

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