Rise of Mythos Overview

Reviewed by | Last update: July 11, 2013

Rise of Mythos is the re-branding of Kings and Legends Global. The publishers felt that with some of the drastic changes that took part during its first few months of release that the name no longer fit quite right. So what has changed since the game launched? Well they have upgraded the game-play which is both very easy to grasp for players, but also difficult to master, they’ve added new, unique cards and factions as well as added plans on looking into myths from many different cultures.

Rise of Mythos speaks to the global nature of the game, not just for those around the world who play it, but the fact that many different cultures are represented within the game.

Rise of Mythos Review

Reviewed by | Last update: July 11, 2013

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Rise of Mythos Gameplay

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