Victory Command

victory command

Victory Command is a free-to-play RTS that pits you and four other commanders against five enemies in tactical combat.

Choose a company of units comprised of either infantry, jeeps, or tanks and customize them for battle with literally millions of strategic combinations. No battle will be the same.

Teamwork is key in this 5v5 arena. Coordinate with your other commanders to out-gun, out-maneuver, and out-play your rivals.

Developed by Petroglyh Games, world renowned creators of RTS games including Grey Goo, Star Wars: Empire at War, and as members of Westwood Studios the Command & Conquer series, and the Dune RTS series.

Supernova MOBA

Supernova MOBA Game

Supernova is a brand new MOBA game with RTS elements from Primal Game Studio and Bandai Namco Games America. Supernova is scheduled to be released in Q2 of 2015 on PC. In Supernova, the human race has ventured into the cosmos to find a universe that is in peril. A serious of mysterious portals have brought us face to face with an array of alien races in the midst of war. The human race must lead their forces into a fight of galactic dominance to figure out the secrets behind these portals.

The game will bring new innovation to the MOBA genre through both it’s fresh new take on a sci-fi universe, but also with upgradeable minions, crafting from drops and a great line-up of commanders that players will use in battle.

True Command of Your Army – Strategically deploy and outfit lane units that advance on enemy territory. How you manage technologies, upgrades, and build order can mean the difference between stunning victory and crushing defeat. You have control of it all!

A Distinctively Sci-Fi Setting – Supernova’s futuristic science fiction setting, with technology and space-faring races, offers huge gameplay possibilities. You’ll be transported to a universe where contests between commanders are won with unique technologies and strange alien powers.

A Vast Galaxy of Customization – Commanders can prepare a wide variety of craftable accessories before a match, then customize attributes and talents with each in-game level. Accessories are crafted by combining dropped items to boost commanders’ inherent talents.

Commanders from Across the Universe – A dizzying array of powerful commanders is at your disposal, ready to lead your armies into battle. Choose between mech pilots from the human core worlds or gun-for-hire mercenaries from the lawless outer planets. Or look beyond mankind and select an alien commander – the choice is yours.

Technology is Key – Commanders daring enough to challenge and defeat the ancients will be rewarded with Mechanoughts, planet-razing ancient technology that relentlessly drive through the heart of your enemy’s defenses. The question is; who will awaken them first?

Battleline: Steel Warfare

Battleline: Steel Warfare

Battleline: Steel Warfare is a real time strategy tank shooter from Creant Studios and Bandai Namco Games America. In this FSRTS (full spectrum real time strategy) game, players will team up with other players to defeat your enemies with fully upgradeable tanks.

The game will feature:
Modern tanks like the M1A1 Abrahms, the Challenger and the K2, along with your favorites from WWI and WW2.

Territory War game mode where you and your allied guilds can conquer nations and defend them from your enemies.

A Unit Commander mode where you can command more than one tank in battle.

Transformers Universe

Transformers Universe

Transformers Universe is a third person multiplayer online battle arena game developed by British game develop Jagex Games Studio in partnership with American toy company Hasbro.

As of December 18th, 2014, Jagex plans on closing down Transformers Universe.

Jeklynn Heights

Jeklynn Heights

Jeklynn Heights is a multiplayer game that incorporates a multitude of genres and themes including 1st and 3rd person combat, RPG, strategy, and adventure. The game takes place entirely at night, a time when violence and peculiarity are at their peak. The town is separated into two sides, the Slums and the Square. The Slums are known for being the poor part of town, and the Square, for the rich. Each team starts out on the opposite side of the map. Both teams have several unique characters you can play as throughout the duration of the match. Each character has a different attack rotation, ranged weapon, and various special abilities.

Primary Objective
The goal of the game is to acquire the Orb of Egression located in the other team’s base. In order to capture the orb, the teams will need a portion of their overall players channeling it based on the team size. Successfully capturing the orb is your ticket out of this crazy town, but it comes with high risk.

Secondary Objective
Throughout each playable map there are structures called Sanity Posts and Ability Orbs. Capturing a Sanity Post will give the acquiring team a forward position and more sanity; a resource used to level up your character to gain special attacks. Capturing Ability Orbs will give the acquiring team a huge advantage by making various passive and active abilities accessible. Sanity Posts and Ability Orbs can be recaptured by the enemy team however, so it is crucial to defend them and brainstorm which ones would benefit your team.

The Stomping Land

The Stomping Land

The Stomping Land is a multiplayer survival game about living in a world with dinosaurs. In the game you will learn about surviving in a world that is inhabited by the most deadly creatures that earth has ever seen. You will meet others and form tribes, set up your camps to defend yourself from dinosaurs, and hunt down the historic beasts to become the most dominant tribe on the island.

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HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age

HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age

Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age is a third-person, four-player cooperative action game that is set in the late 19th century. The game will be coming to both PC and consoles, although we don’t know for sure which consoles yet. The game will make its debut at E3 2014 and is set to be relased this fall.

“In Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, players will be counting their bullets and crying out for help as they delve deeper into the shadowy world we’ve created,” said David Adams CEO of Crytek USA and former CEO of Vigil Games. “From the outset of the development process, we’ve poured our imaginations into the game so that everyone who plays Hunt will discover a challenging experience that feels fresh, captivating and rich in possibilities.”

Players can sign up for the beta at

World of Warships

World of Warships

World of Warships is a free-to-play naval strategy MMO currently under development by Wargaming. Enjoy massive sea battles against a multitude of players from around the world. There are plenty of real-life tactics to choose from that will give you the edge against any head-to-head opponent.

World of Warships has an enjoyable amount of sea vessels to choose from, including long-range aircraft carriers, bruising battleships that deliver devastating damage, and quick-and-nimble destroyers that can maneuver their way into advantageous positions.

So get ready to breach the poop deck, blowing your way to victory and erect your mast.


Dogs of War Online

Dogs of War Online

As a tabletop gamer myself, I was immediately drawn to Dogs of War Online. The free-to-play strategy game is reportedly based on a tabletop war game of the same name. While I can’t say I’ve ever played the latter, after a bit of time with the former, I’m sorely tempted to. Although Dogs of War Online certainly does have its faults, it was, as a whole, both entertaining and engrossing.

Set in the war-torn world of Aarklash, Dogs of War Online pits three primary factions against one another: Light, Darkness, and Destiny. The Forces of Light are pretty much your vanilla ‘good guys,’ and are represented by humans and mages. Darkness, meanwhile, are the undead and unholy; creatures that have no business existing in the world. Finally, Destiny draws the Wolfen to its fold; wolf-like creatures who don’t share the black-or-white morality of the other two factions. These three groups are referred to as the Lion, the Ram, and the Wolf, respectively. When you start out, you’ll be granted access to one of the three; you can unlock more as you play through the game.

Army Points – immediately familiar to anyone who’s played a game like Warhammer – are used as a numeric representation of how powerful your forces are. Each unit has a particular AP value based on its stats and special abilities. Fielding a few ultra-powerful units might give you the edge, but you could easily see your bruisers taken down by a group of smaller, weaker foes. The units in each alliance follow the same design principles as one another, with enough variety that you’re free to develop your army as you see fit.

Take the force of the Lion, for example. Individually, they tend to be far weaker than the Wolfen, who gravitate towards savage units designed to roll over their foes in rapid succession. A Wolfen force may seem overpowered at first – after all, a single Wolfen can kill scores of swordsmen. With proper tactics, however, the brutes are rarely a problem – though the smallest mistake could see your army obliterated in a few turns.

The primary component of Dogs of War Online is engaging with duels in other players to gain fame and wealth with which they can build up their forces. There are other activities, as well; individual units can be sent on missions like tournaments, shakedowns, or kidnapping, removing them from your army for a set amount of time. Although the rewards for such missions are great and the investment small, there’s a chance your unit might end up injured or dead – though this decreases significantly with more skilled units. Oh, I should probably mention – each unit gains experience every time it’s used in combat, eventually leveling up and gaining access to new perks and abilti

The game looks and plays marvelously, with fluid animations, an easy-to-use interface, and aesthetically pleasing hex-grid maps. I won’t get too much into the details of combat, but suffice it to say, it’s quite satisfying, with a pleasing amount of depth. I’ll let you discover the rest for yourself.

The in-game cash shop is admirably designed, without even the barest hint of pay to win. Anything you can buy with purchased currency is available with in-game cash and a bit of effort grinding up the necessary funds. The end result of this combined with the game’s matchmaking system is that no player really feels like they’ve an unfair advantage over the rest; there’s really little difference between paying players and non-paying ones (save perhaps that the non-paying folks have spent more time in-game.)

Oh, and players can also construct their own buildings that will generate units for them, too, somewhat eliminating the need to use the cash shop at higher levels.

Now, Dogs of War Online isn’t perfect. There’s really no narrative to speak of, and the single-player missions are relatively bland as a result. Bad grammar and misspellings run rampant throughout the game, and the matchmaking system sometimes takes a bit longer than it should to track down opponents. It’s also still in beta, so expect a few quirks here and there. Still, it’s good for a bit of fun, especially if strategy games are your forte.



So…I kind of regret downloading Hearthstone. No, not because there are any inherent problems with the quality of the game. Quite the contrary, actually – it’s probably one of the most solid card games I’ve played in years, mechanics-wise. Everything from the music to the graphics to the voice acting is impeccably done, and the freemium elements of the title – while they do smack very faintly of pay-to-win – are implemented well enough that they don’t particularly impede one’s enjoyment.

The way the game works is deceptively simple. In Hearthstone, there are two ‘types’ of cards – Neutral and Class. Neutral Cards – which feature various recognizable creatures pulled straight from World of Warcraft, referred to as “minions” – can be used in most any deck, but don’t include any spells within their ranks. Presumably, these represent the myriad monsters and NPCs you’d encounter in the MMORPG itself. Class Cards, meanwhile, are meant to represent a particular classes skills and abilities. While they tend to include a few minions, they’re primarily comprised of spells and equipment. Each deck may only choose Class cards from one particular Class – for example, you wouldn’t be able to include the Warlock’s class cards in a Priest deck.

Each class -represented by a familiar face from Warcraft canon, from Uther Lightbringer(Paladin) to Jaina Proudmoore(Mage) to Rexxar(Hunter) – furthermore has its own special ability, costing only two mana. This adds a unique bit of flavor to the game, and can actually form the crux of a deck’s entire strategy. For example, a common tactic with the Mage is to use Enrage minions (which get bigger when they take damage) and hit them with her one damage Firebolt spell to pump them up on the turn they’re summoned, while a priest might decide to steal those minions for himself, healing them with his ability.

Like I said…deceptively simple.

On first booting up Hearthstone, you’ll be walked through a short series of tutorial battles which will walk you through the basics (and introduce you to the game’s peculiar sense of humor). Playing as Jaina Proudmoore – the hero used to represent the Mage, the first class to which players have access – you’ll fight through a series of amusing foes, from the vicious Hogger straight up to Illidan Stormrage himself. Afterwards, the game effectively turns you loose, equipping you with a single booster pack, a selection of Neutral creatures, and the Mage class. If you’d like, you can stick with the Mage, or defeat the AI to unlock any of the game’s other classes. Play games, and you’ll level up your class, unlocking more Class Cards for them and enabling you to improve your deck.

That actually leads me to one of the biggest problems with Hearthstone – indeed, a problem shared by many games of its ilk. Due both to the leveling system and Hearthstone’s mirotransactions, there’s actually a bit of a barrier to entry for new players. Until you’ve accumulated a few booster packs, your deck’s probably going to feel a touch ineffective. That’s because many of the most powerful cards are unlocked not through leveling up, but as random drops in booster packs. These packs are bought with Gold, which can either be gained through completing “Quests” (for example, win 3 games as a Mage) or with real-world money.

That’s a minor gripe, at best. Even though it’s only in beta, Hearthstone is already incredibly addicting – and extremely promising. One thing is certain: Blizzard definitely knows how to do free to play.

Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis is a free to play MOBA from Turbine that gives players a chance to use their favorite superheroes from the DC Multiverse in a fast paced arena styled combat game.  Use the most iconic DC heroes like Batman, Spiderman, The Green Lantern, Catwoman and more to take out your opponent!

There are many options out there in terms of MOBAs and while they all offer a similar base-style of gameplay, what Infinite Crisis does differently is creates an evolving story crafted in collaboration with DC Entertainment.  Throughout the game you will discover new characters inspired by the worlds of the DC Multiverse as you confront the shadowy force that threatens to destroy you.  Every battle counts as you team up with other players to determine your fate and gain rank through each and every battle to determine who is the best.  

Another unique addition to Infinite Crisis that other MOBAs cannot lay claim to is their destructible environments.  Players are actually able to grab items from the surrounding area like cars or walls and use them to your advantage.  Want a quicker route to the enemy?  Destroy a wall to make sure your team can gank them from behind.  But be careful, that wall is now permanently destroyed and the enemy can also use it to their advantage.  With a deep roster of heroes already included, and the inclusion of many more as the game gets updated, Infinite Crisis has something to offer both hardcore DC fans and fans of the MOBA genre.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is an action-RPG and tower defense game rolled into one. Developed by Ubisoft, The Mighty Quest takes players on two completely different paths as your main goal of collecting treasure and experience plays out. The game takes a light-hearted approach while players construct castles with deadly traps and monsters to protect your castle from deadly looters, while letting you take on other players castles in search for you own fortunes.

The game is split into two parts. On the offensive side you will venture into other players castles and try to get to the end by blasting through enemies and traps that they have laid out for you. This part of the game is more a traditional hack ‘n slash style like Diablo. Your character will gain experience and loot once, and if, you complete the castle, where you can then rate the experience.

On the defensive side you will create your own castle much like a tower defense game. Choose traps and monsters along with the areas that they roam as you try to build an impenetrable fortress. Your goal is to protect the loot at the end of your castle, you do this by trying to lay out castle out as difficult as possible.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a 3D, team-based MMO shooter where players take control of mid-20th century era fighting tanks.  Gameplay in World of Tanks requires a lot of teamwork and strategy.  There are over a hundred completely unique tanks to choose from and up to sixty players per battle.  World of Tanks offers tactical gameplay and conflicts of epic proportions.

In World of Tanks, you are put in command of your very own World War 2 era battle tank.  WoT is a team-based game where two sides of up to thirty players each compete to destroy all opposing vehicles.  The many combat vehicles in the game are modeled after American, German, Soviet and British designs.  The game offers an in-depth gaming experience that is sure to get your blood pumping.

The tank-based shooter is developed by, a Russian studio behind several other historically themed video games.  World of Tanks is their first free-to-play title, and they?ve come in swinging strong.  World of Tanks boasts great graphics, ease of play, and plenty of customization features.  The publishers promise a historically accurate setting and action-oriented gameplay.  RPG elements also make an appearance, as players will be able to upgrade their tanks with new parts and crew members.  New recruits start with a light German or Soviet tank, but after accumulating experience and credits, they will be able to upgrade to heavier models.  Additionally, it will be possible to upgrade individual parts such as turrets, chassis, engines, guns, radios, and ammunition types.

World of Tanks was first commissioned in 2009 and put into service in the second half of 2010.  It is built upon a freemium business model where participants only have to pay for optional features. The focus is on player vs. player gameplay with each player controlling a tank or armored vehicle.


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Ministry of War

Ministry of War

Ministry of War is an exciting new free online strategy game in which the player gets to choose from four ancient civilizations to conquer the land. Choose from ancient China, Rome, Persia, or Egypt as you amass an army and takeover the ancient lands.

What is cool about MoW (what’s up with all these MMORPG game abbreviations?) is that equipment plays a vital role in the success of the game in conjunction with your chosen hero. All equipment is divided by 10 levels and there are 4 levels of quality distinguished by different colors. The colors are: white, green, blue, and purple, from the lowest quality to the highest. Purple equipment is the best quality and has the lowest drop rate. Blue and purple equipment both have an attribute limit; your hero can only equip them if meet the requirements.

Heroes play a large roll in Ministry of War. The dynamic and balance of the game as it is right now makes them exceedingly over powered if built right, and horribly useless if built wrong. This crucial element will come down to players just trying things with their heroes to see what works. In our case, we tried about three different heroes with varying attributes before we created one that was an absolute powerhouse!