The Pitch: Put your ingenuity and murderous intent to work by constructing unstoppable vehicles capable of causing mass carnage. When putting together your killer ride you have thousands of options to choose from, both cosmetic and lethally practical. Equip a dune buggy with rocket launchers and machine guns. Or throw together an armored vehicle with harpoons and chainsaws so you can deal with your enemies up close and personal like. When it comes to Crossout there’s only one rule: Survive.

The Lowdown: Crossout is a free-to-play, downloadable game for the PC that’s all about building the perfect killing machine. And they give the player some interesting choices, we’re talking hovercrafts, spider tanks, support vehicles–though why would anyone want to support? No one likes supporting. Anyway, Crossout’s building system gives you a lot of flexibility in how you kill other people, or conversely, help someone else kill people. To showcase all of this Crossout features PvP combat between players all in their unique and highly customized death-mobiles. But the game also has PvE missions that you can take on with friends against AI controlled baddies. It’s also possible to level up high enough where you can design and construct gigantic steel behemoths called Leviathans to take on other players in special PvE arenas.

How it plays: Think Twisted Metal but with a strong building element. Like that old Andrew W.K. Show, Destroy Build Destroy. But with slightly less murder. What makes Crossout really special is that you can have an incredibly diverse lineup of vehicles in every battle. So this will obviously give you a reason to keep playing so you can unlock different equipment and blueprints and then be able to make new murder machines. Below is a short trailer which goes into more detail on the game’s mechanics. It’s important to note that this trailer is all the way back from the year 2015–before the game was even released. So while it gives a good rundown of the game’s basics you should know that there have been plenty of changes since then.

Crossout: Gamescom 2015 Gameplay trailer

The Verdict: So should you play Crossout? It’s all a matter of what you’re into. It’s a mesh of several different genres. There’s building, team based PVP and PVE vehicular combat, and tons of unlockables to collect. Does that sound like fun to you? In hopes that it does I would like to end this post with the immortal words of this generation’s greatest philosopher: DESTROY BUILD DESTROYYYY. Yep. All caps. That’s just how Andrew rolls.

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P.S. Here’s another cool video put together by the guys at Crossout featuring some nifty player created vehicles.

Crossout Show: Cool Guy’s Tank