Hunter X Online

The Pitch: Hunter X Online is an RPG based on the incredibly popular manga and anime Hunter X Hunter. Hunter X Online gives you the opportunity to complete various quests and relive Gon’s story, getting a better sense of the rules of the hunter world as you go. Want to build a team of the most powerful hunters around? If so, take a shot at greatness and join the hunt!

The Lowdown: Hunter X Online is a browser based RPG set in the Hunter X Hunter universe. In it you can collect the same heroes that appear in the manga and anime and set about putting together a team of elite hunters. With them you’ll battle through storylines taken straight from the Hunter X Hunter world all while powering up your fighters and collecting new, even stronger hunters.

How it plays: Hunter X Online plays a lot like similar browser based anime RPGs. You collect a wide assortment of different characters, set up their equipment and skills and then put them in a formation. Then you move through an assortment of different storylines and battles from the Hunter X Hunter world, all while unlocking new abilities, gear and characters. Take a look at the short trailer below for a better idea of how the game plays.

The Verdict: Whether or not you end up enjoying Hunter X Online will depend on a few things. Like how much do you enjoy collecting things? How much do you like Hunter X Hunter? How much do you enjoy hunting the most dangerous game: man?? Okay, maybe not so much that last question. But these types of games are best when you’re a fan of the IP, and since there will be a lot of collecting–it helps to be into that as well. And best of all, you don’t need a console or a super impressive computer to play it–all you need is an internet browser. So if you’re ready to join the hunt you can sign up and start playing Hunter X Online right now.

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