One Piece 2: Pirate King

The Pitch: You’ve read the manga, watched the anime so now it’s time to go even deeper. Take your shot at becoming the Pirate King by capturing the great treasure, One Piece, which is hidden away somewhere deep in the Grand Line. While you’re swashbuckling through the world of One Piece, you’ll meet other crew … Read more

Bleach Online

Bleach Online

Bleach Online is a browser-based, strategy MMORPG from GoGames set in the popular Bleach manga/anime universe. The game is considered non-canon as any of the events in the game occur independent of the original manga series. In the game, you play as one of six selectable characters from three available classes. The game opens with your character waking up after a 1,000 year slumber on a strange Human World with no memories of who/where you are. It’s up to you to interact with many of the Bleach Universe’s most popular characters to regain your memories and save your friends who get mistaken as rebels!

As is standard fare for many MMORPGs of the browser genre, Bleach Online requires very little in terms of actual player involvement. It follows in the same vein as games such as Knight’s Fable, Angel Alliance and League of Angels, where the narrative plays out as less of a game and more as an interactive story book. Players will auto-path to their quest destinations and will watch battles play out automatically. Fans of this style of gameplay will feel right at home in Bleach Online’s colorful, gorgeously-animated world — permitting that they can put up with poor localization. Grammatically poor sentences are by no means a deal-breaker, but they do nothing to help the game’s already shallow immersion.

Giving credit where it’s due, Bleach Online allows the player to choose the formation of their team for battle, thereby altering how some battles might play out. This feature, coupled with equipment upgrades and modifications, gives the player the opportunity to maximize their Battle Power (the accumulation of factors such as health, defense, health, etc and the sole determining factor for battles). This is important not only for the game’s main quest, but also for MMO features like PvP and guilds.

Being a free to play MMORPG, Bleach Online does incorporate microtransactions, which help players progress faster or unlocks features, like the ability to skip battle sequences entirely. While limiting certain features via paywall is obnoxious, it doesn’t necessarily hinder the overall experience. In fact, purchasable add-ons never feel forced or obligatory for progression.

While Bleach Online doesn’t bring anything new to the genre, fans of the manga/anime series may find enjoyment in interacting with the series’ characters. Even those new to the universe will find a decent story (if not somewhat incoherent) and beautiful graphics/animations to keep them entertained for a decent chunk of time. That said, hardcore gamers looking for anything more than a superficial, extreme-casual experience should probably look elsewhere.

Monkey King Online

Monkey King Online

Monkey King Online is a free to play browser based MMORPG that is based on the great Chinese novel Journey to the West. The novel was written and published in the 16th century during the Ming Dynasty and is widely known in English-speaking countries as Monkey. In this browser based game you will choose to be one of four ancient heroes, the most popular being the Monkey King, and try to bring peace to the broken world.

Check out our First Impressions video in the Video tab to take a look at the gameplay and decide if this free to play browser game is worth your time!


DDTank is an MMO shooter game that is very similar to the Worms games. You are placed on a map with up to 4 players and will battle it out in turn based action. The game is playable right on your browser so there is no need to download anything, just sign up and play.

The gameplay is quite easy to get the hang of, but takes some time to master. There is a great deal of strategy involved in becoming a master at the game which makes for some very fun strategizing while learning to get the hang of it. Multiple game modes and tons of weapons make DDTank a very enjoyable casual style game. Matches can be completed fairly quickly so there’s no need to schedule a ton of time to get in some fun MMO shooter action.

In addition to the PvP element you are also given various tasks throughout the game which adds a slight RPG flavor to it.

Starlight Story

Starlight Story is a brand new free to play browser based MMORPG from Aeria Games. The game centers around you as you embark on a vital quest to save your planet from certain doom. You will explore a vast last with many landscapes ranging from steampunk utopias to magical forests. There is an ever present war going on between magic and technology and players will need to harness their powers from both sides to survive.

Starlight Story offers a wealth of play options from PvE to PvP and everything in between. There is a strong sense of togetherness as you work together with other players to take on a variety of dungeons and world bosses. There are a number of deep MMORPG gameplay elements that are not usually found within the browser based format.

Customization plays a huge role in the game as you can change many aspects about your character. Not only can you change your look but you will be able to change your characters abilities, stats and pets throughout your time with the game.

Mythic Saga

Mythic Saga

Mythic Saga is a new free fantasy title from Gamewave, the publisher behind Crystal Saga and Call of Thrones.  

Mythic Saga is hugely inspired by the oriental mythology. Players in the game act as heroes that are sent out to explore the fantastic world,  searching for lost memories and the truth around the Mystic land. Quests, guild, crafting, mounts, combat system and on ? typical mainstays of modern MMORPGs are all present in this title.

The game is very bright and filled with light oriental classical music as the soundtrack.  You are welcomed to a world with towering trees, birds singing softly, amazing animals and rare herbs coexisting in harmony.  In Mythic Saga you will find a world of wonderment and an adventure for the ages.

Core Features at Glance:

  • Four Character Classes ? Players can choose to be Warrior, Assassin, Mage or Priest. Common as the archetypes, characters can be developed richly due to the special elements of Zodiac and Five Elements added to the game.
  • Story-driven Quests ? There are four quest modes in Mythic Saga. Players in it can unravel the mysteries of the Spirit Cataclysm and save the world from destruction one quest at a time.
  • Relic System ? Relic is a mystical object with special abilities which is activated since Lv. 25. Relics can be used to protect character, heal injuries and even distract enemies when players engage in a ranged battle. Every relic has six stats that determine respective abilities and can be upgraded through five tiered levels.
  • Mounts ? A set of unique mounts from the float stone to ancient firestorm wheel, from chubby panda to legendary dragon are all available in the game.
  • Community ? Players in Mythic Saga can make friends in several different ways. Join a faction or a guild, or form a mentor-apprentice relation or being a couple.
  • Others ? Real-time weather system makes the world live and breathing. Besides, there are also wedding system, crafting and a rich collection of customizable options for characters.

Serenia Fantasy

Serenia Fantasy

Serenia Fantasy is a browser-based, Massively Multiplayer Online 2D combat RPG developed by Koramgame.  The game sets out to capture the look and feel of  the “Golden Age”  of role-playing games.  Serenia Fantasy will allow players to explore a variety of environments and pursue a host of quests and missions on the continent of Serenia.  Players will be able to select from 3 classes and a large number of game modes, and will be able to video capture and share their epic battles online.’

The game features real-time combat as well as unique artwork, special effects, and innovative gameplay features.  The continent of Serenia is world known for its mystery and magic and promises to deliver one of the best experiences for browser-based gameplay in 2012.


  • Detailed Animations and Customization | Serenia’s pixel art and animations are a throw-back to 1990s-era RPGs, and players will be given a ton of customization options for their characters’ costumes.
  • Innovative Pet System and Spirits | Players will be able to turn into different kinds of monsters, including Bosses, through the game’s pet system, and will be able to bring “Spirits” along with them, which can boost stats and allow players to take their form.  There are over 200 Spirits to collect in the game.
  • Diverse Gameplay and Combat | Serenia has a host of exclusive gameplay modes to choose from, such as Masquerade, Werewolf Hunting, and Bonfire Gold Filling, as well as hidden quests and dungeons.  There are three classes, with nine talents and hundreds of skills to explore, and multiple combat options to try out.

Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga is a 2.5D browser-based, classical Anime MMORPG. Choose one of five classes, battle monsters, go on quests, capture and train pets, transform your mounts, and more.  Crystal Saga is a anime-style MMORPG.  Players can choose from one of five classes (Knight, Rogue, Mage, Priest, and Ranger), each of which has two specializations.

From there, Crystal Saga players can then go on quests, tame and train pets, participate in daily events, and even go dungeoning with friends.  The game world supports open PvP as well as special daily battlegrounds where players can gain ranks, fame, and rewards.



Stardoll is a 2D browser based MMO aimed at young girls. Players create a custom doll and dress it using hundreds of clothing options ranging from designer lines to custom patterns. Stardoll has several minigames. Many of the dolls are celebrity look-a likes.

Players can purchase hundreds of articles of clothing, make up products, and other accessories like sunglasses and bags in Stardoll. There are birthday cakes, wedding cakes, studios, and doll houses to customize as well. Several simple minigames like crossword puzzles, and jiggsaw puzzles are also available, but Stardoll is mainly a place for young girls to play dress-up and socialize.