Dragon Ball Z Online

The Pitch: Take part in the awesome battles and fantastic story lines from the classic anime. Recruit fan favorite like Goku, Vegeta, Broly and all of their different forms and transformations.

The Lowdown: In Dragonball Z Online you create your very own character so you can build up your own legend as a Z fighter as you move through the show’s infamous history. You can choose your character’s ability, special traits and equipment. And from there you work on assembling your roster from thousands of possible configurations. You can include everyone from Roshi, Krillin to Bulma. Or, if you’re in the mood, you could just have all Gokus. Goku Black, Goku Blue, Kid Goku, Ultra Instinct Goku, Super Sayian 3 Goku–if it’s a Goku you’ll be able to find it here.

How it plays: In Dragonball Z Online you will be outfitting your squad and a collection of your best fighters to battle through classic DBZ storylines. Most of the gameplay will be setting up everything for the fighting since the battles will progress with your squad using their equipped skills and stats automatically. It’s probably more akin to managing the Z fighters. Equipping them, training them and making sure they’re ready for battle. Besides that there’s also just the enjoyment (or horror) of having so many different characters to collect. Like seriously, I haven’t come close to exhausting the amount of Gokus there are. And that’s only one character.

You can check out the below trailer to get a sense of the game, how it plays and looks. And for a browser game, the animations and graphics aren’t too shabby at all.

Official Trailer Dragon Ball Z Online by Playwebgame 2016

The Verdict: It’s hard to really rate a game like this. Because it depends a lot on your situation and preference. Do you love Dragonball Z? Then by all means get Dragonball Fighterz. It’s phenomenal. But maybe you’re not into fighting games. Or maybe you already have Dragonball Fighterz but you need even more DBZ in your life. Maybe you need a game to play when you should be working or taking notes in some cavernous lecture hall somewhere. Don’t worry, we won’t tell. If so then Dragonball Z Online just may be the right game for you. But it isn’t for Mike. He did not enjoy it. But what does he know anyway? Not much. So try it out for yourself.

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