Loot Boxes and Greed: An EA Story

If there’s been one prevailing theme for the current news cycle in the gaming world it would be one of change and fury. Lotsa fury. In truth that isn’t too strange. Gamers are a passionate bunch (read: angry)  and when they’ve got something to be mad about, you had better believe you’ll hear about it. … Read more

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

It’s another fantastic week at Attack Gaming. The team is hard at work on our brand new weekly series, where we bring you the latest in top MMORPG games for pc, mobile, and console! We are very excited to see what everyone thinks about it. Meanwhile, I managed to sneak away and spend some time … Read more

MMO News From Playstation’s Paris Games Week

The world is ablaze with hype after Sony’s latest conference at Paris Games Week 2017. The higher ups at Playstation succeeded in making our mouths water with anticipation. We go behind the scenes to bring you coverage for this exclusive event. The two and a half hour presentation showed off gorgeous single player games, VR … Read more

Crossout, ASTA, Darkfall: RIse of Agon and more! | The XP 4.8.2016

What’s up Attackers! Kirk here with Attack Gaming, welcoming you to our week-long round-up of MMO related news and stories. Today is April 8th, we are quickly approaching Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, which is very important in all of our lives, papa bless. This week on the show we’ve got information on Black Desert Online, Crossout, Wild Terra, ASTA and much more. The XP, starts now!

Unchained, Tarkov, Maestia, ARK, The SKIES and more! | The XP 4.1.2016

What’s up Attackers! Kirk here with Attack Gaming, and welcome to the XP. So last week I totally fucked up, thought you guys would want to see some footage of GDC, you hated it, absolutely hated it, that’s fine. I learned my lesson, never again will I let real life affect this video! So, being April Fools day, there were a lot of weird emails in my inbox today, with titles like .. Black Desert Online introduces Butt Pose Victory animations for PvP, and World of Warships letting you battle other players in a hot tub. So yeah, I’m not gonna fool you guys today, not my thing. Here’s the real news for the week, the XP starts now!

EverQuest Next Has Been Canceled | XP Special Edition

EverQuest Next Has Been Canceled | XP Special EditionWatch this video on YouTube What’s up Attackers, Mark here. And, this is a story I should have had in the XP today, but I already recorded it and exported it as this broke this afternoon, so I’m doing it here as a one off news story because … Read more

Top 10 Upcoming MOBAs for 2016

Welcome back Attack! Today we are going to be taking a look at the top 10 upcoming MOBAs for 2016. I know, i know, before you guys leave, we know this is a very saturated market, but these 10 games are the best contenders for great games, at least in the MOBA genre for this year.

The Ten Most Brutal Mega Man Bosses Ever Designed


Although Doctor Wily has created some downright awful machines in his time, he’s also responsible for some downright devastating droids. He’s created robots that tested the very limits of the player’s skill; dread machines that had us sweating on the edge of our seats, pulling out our hair, and sometimes even hurling controllers across the room. Today, we’re going to pay tribute to just a few of them – the most brutal Megaman bosses ever made.