Nords: Heroes of the North

Nords Heroes of the North Game Feature

Epic MMO strategy like you’ve never seen it before!

The realm of Shingård is under siege! Forge a ragtag army of Northmen, Orcs, Elves and Dragons to fight for King Björn the Awesome. Join millions of players and thousands of clans as you battle it out across the frozen North.

Arm your Stronghold, build your army and go to war for loot and glory!

✔ AAA artwork, an original score by Jesper Kyd, and featuring Patrick Warburton as King Björn!

✔ Watch the action with fully animated battles!

✔ Spy, raid, form clans, and upgrade to bring your Stronghold to the top!

✔ Collect, craft, and customize with new RPG gameplay!

✔ Use 30+ battle-ready units from four factions for PvE and PvP combat!

✔ Choose a faction and customize a Champion to lead your armies!

✔ Command hilarious characters, hapless heroes, and the baddest warriors to ever swing a battle axe.

NORDS: HEROES OF THE NORTH is free to play, but offers in-game purchases.



Undecima is a new online browser multiplayer strategy game developed by a man named Mik for six years.  Undecima launched on the 1st of June with the game’s Open Beta mode.
In short, in Undecima, you start in a small village, develop it to a big prosperous town.  Along the way you will complete a lot of upgrades and researches, advance through levels, and on the final one, capture a super powerful artifact!  If you are able to hold the artifact for three days, victory will be yours!

Some other interesting features of the game are:
–       Simple but efficient combat mode (e.g. you can scout, attack, defend, counter-attack, intercept, dodge, and reinforce your friends and enemies).
–       Lack of annoying macro-management. You have plenty of upgrades and researches to do, but can control only one town.
–       All units from very basic to elite have a set of abilities and skills that makes them unique in the game and useful in particular situations.
–       Ability to play either PvP or PvE or mix it at the same time. For example theoretically, you can finish the game without attacking another player (not sure if it’s going to be fun though).
–       Plenty of rewards, such as weekly ranking, overall ranks, medals, achievements and more.
–       The game is addictive, but doesn’t take up all of your time (here I’m not sure whether it’s a good point or bad).

Heroes of the Banner

Heroes of the Banner

Heroes Of The Banner is a whimsically colorful Tower Defense game with RPG elements, with a lighthearted story. The game features real-time combat with activatable abilities based on deployed towers and heroes. Players have the ability to recruit and construct multiple tower types to set up the best possible defense against oncoming waves of orcs and demons.

The open beta for Heroes of the Banner began on January 5th, 2015 with players from around the world being able to play.



InnoGames offers players the chance to explore an exotic fantasy world with their new city-builder game: Elvenar – The latest, strategy-MMO title was announced today with details about the game. The German developer is treading on uncommon ground with Elvenar as players have to create a flourishing city and choose between Elves or Humans as a starting race. The games’ focus lies on building and upgrading a city, but players also trade, explore the world map or have strategic turn-based fights on a 3D battlefield. Elvenar will start in the browser; mobile versions are planned. The game’s closed beta is expected to start in January 2015.

The choice between Elves and Humans influences the way the players’ cities and inhabitants look and which technologies and units are at their disposal. The Elves live and breathe magic and exist in close harmony with nature, whereas Humans are ambitious and determined engineers. “You will see some of the elvish buildings really come alive with lots of fantastical beings, like ents and golems co-existing peacefully in their cities”, explains Ulrike Kunkel, Producer of Elvenar. “The Humans on the other hand are a more technologically determined society, they focus on engineering to prevail. Our goal was to create differences in visuals and play style that make players want to try out both races at some point”, Kunkel adds.

Between managing resources, levelling up buildings and unlocking new perks, players should also pay attention to the multiplayer map. There they can interact with neighbors, scout new provinces and unlock various powerful relics by fighting NPCs. Fights take place on various battlegrounds. The strategic battles are 3D-animated, with up to 20 different monsters and unit types, which make each encounter unique and tactically deep.

Shards of War

Shards of War

Shards of War is the world’s first science fiction-oriented MOBA game and available via a free-to-play client version. It combines Teamplay with an intelligent strategy, character mastery as well as classic top-down shooter controls (WASD) provide action-packed PvP battles in a unique setting.

In Shards of War, two teams of five compete against each other in 20-minute matches, fighting for PvP dominance on the game map. The increasing number of characters currently measures eleven unique Sentinels, each specialized in a certain field: tank, operative, assassin or medic.

The objective of the rival team is to destroy the enemy headquarters by conquering and defending three different paths (Lanes). Each team is given AI-controlled drones to help them in their mission, shipped out by the headquarters to provide assistance. Both teams also may seize neutral drones in the map’s central zone.

Experience points are given for taking down enemy drones, destroying defensive towers, completing missions as well as wiping out enemy players. These points enable individual players to unlock ability-increasing items and to determine which items will be used in a match from their stash of items (Loadout system).

By leveling up one’s own account, opportunities will be unlocked to players to hone their character and activate stronger items.

Star Trek: Alien Domain

Star Trek Alien Domain

Star Trek: Alien Domain is an upcoming multiplayer online strategy game for web browsers. The game is being published by GameSamba, in conjunction with CBS Interactive and development partner NGames. Star Trek: Alien Domain will be set in a mysterious extradimensional realm of Fluidic Space, where players will make strategic decisions to maintain control over valuable resources, while establishing their colony. Players will build their bases by adding defenses, spending on research and partaking in skirmishes against NPCs and other players.

The game takes place after the most recent Star Trek story and will control a variety of starships and different technologies that are native to their chosen faction. Some of the Starships that players will find in the game include the Constitution and Defiant starships for the Federation, and D7 Battle Cruisers and Bird-of-Prey for the Klingon Empire.

Redwater Hills

Redwater Hills

Redwater Hills is an action-simulation game. As leader of a small band of survivors in a post-civilization, zombie-infested world, you have to create a last bastion and place to survive the zombie-hordes and other desperate bands of survivors. The game features 24 unique heroes, each with their own unique style, backstory and attack qualities. In the game you will level up your heroes as they gain experience, and outfit them with over 150 crafted or scavenged weapons and armor. As you venture through the game you will build a base to protect yourself, and when you’re ready, venture out into the overworld to fight over a variety of territories.

In Redwater Hills you will recruit heroes and send them out on raids, sentry-duty or task them with eliminating zombie-nests. Find, craft and equip loot to your Heroes, personalizing them and improving their defense and attack. Upgrade your base from a glorified shanty-town to a veritable Bastion as you not only try to survive, but to thrive again in this new dawn of man and monster alike!

Transformers Universe

Transformers Universe

Transformers Universe is a third person multiplayer online battle arena game developed by British game develop Jagex Games Studio in partnership with American toy company Hasbro.

As of December 18th, 2014, Jagex plans on closing down Transformers Universe.



Rushwar is empire-building MMORTS based on and set in the Medieval times. Players start with a small town and must gradually build it up into a thriving city-state.

Rushwar is a great city building game that puts you in control of your own ancient city with a medieval style theme. The basic goals are to build structures for your citizens and other buildings that enable you to develop an army. Rushwar features real time construction and military simulation. The game features various different buildings, heroes, and items to play with. Build your own unique city suited to your needs, make alliances with other players in the league and expand your kingdom. Animated battle reports, NPC and PVP battle system, Guild system.

There are wilds like, Basins, Quarry, Plains & Precipices waiting for you to conquer them. A detailed quest guide system, which helps players grow and guides them on how to proceed in the game. Map glide, is a unique system which helps the players scroll the map by pulling on the map page. The game has easy to understand interface and the game graphics are top notch.

Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2 is the latest iteration of the ever-popular MMORTS game, Tribal Wars. Tribal Wars 2 takes what InnoGames had ‘innovated’ in the first version of its game, and adds on new features, new buildings, new strategies, and of course, a whole new look and feel to the game.

Tribal Wars 2 is a free online strategy game that is set in a medieval universe. You start the game as a ruler of a castle in a heavily warn-torn part of the world. Your goal is to not only defend your kingdom from the onslaught of enemies, but to be ever-expanding so that you too can become a supreme leader of the land, and forge your name in the history books.

Like many MMORTS games of its kind, Tribal Wars 2 is a battle strategy / castle management game. You will compete directly in your browser in a real-time PvP environment while upgrading your city, building up your troops, making sure your people are happy and willing to die for you, and prove your military might on the battlefield. InnoGames is well-known in this space, with titles behind them including: The West, Grepolis, Forge of Empires, and of course, the original Tribal Wars.

Tribal Wars, the original, began its existance back in 2003. Since then it has reached over 50 million registered users, and allowed the original creators to found InnoGames and its many titles since then. Tribal Wars 2 began its closed beta in June of 2014.

Rising Generals

Rising Generals

Rising Generals is a PvP-heavy online game is modern warfare centric, giving players access to numerous tanks, armored vehicles and dozens of deadly planes and other aircraft. Rising Generals will be playable on your mobile device as well as your browser. Cross platform functionality will be the name of the game as you’ll be able to play this modern warfare strategy game simultaneously on all of your devices.

The PvP-action will hold up to 40,000 players in a single world, which will house both single players and large alliances (Battle Groups). In the game you will become the commander of a military base, which you will need to upgrade and staff with troops. You will defend your base against hostile neighbors will also trying to take out enemies and other players to create one of the best military bases in the world!

Players can register for the upcoming beta which is scheduled for the summer of 2014.



Ravenmarch: Empire in Flames is a new MMORTS game from Kabam. It is a city-building, strategy management type game set in a fictional medieval setting. The main goal in the game, as with most in this genre, is to raise a powerful army and to establish a dominance over your foes. The game relies on economic development of your city, strategic planning in both building and battling and social interaction amongst friendly units.



Stormfall is a take on the classic city-building, city-management game. Unfortunately it doesn’t break away enough from the pack to make it a standout game that would usher in a huge player-base. But the game is by all means, a decent play. So let’s get into it. Stormfall: Age of War pits you into the middle of a race for land between several warlords after a kingdom has fallen. As a player in the game you must restore the peace and build up your army to keep it that way.

As with many games in the genre, you start out with a small kingdom and have to build up your castle, army and resources in order to get more and more powerful. One thing that Stormfall does that many other MMORTS games doesn’t, is engross you in a story about how the world came to be this way, and how you can help it return. The game does have voice-overs for many quests, which can be sort of hit-or-miss. In the end you’ll end up doing a lot of sitting and waiting while you build up your army to prepare for your enemies and/or to attack them.