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[stat=Publisher]JOYHUBS[/stat] [stat=Developer]JOYHUBS[/stat] [stat=Genre]Sci-Fi[/stat] [stat=Distribution]Browser[/stat] [stat=Graphics]Medium[/stat] [stat=PvP]Yes[/stat] [stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat] [stat=Download Size]NA[/stat]
[/review]This browser based MMORPG takes players on a journey for resources, power, and exploration. As humanity grew and migrated away from the wastelands of earth, people found new places to migrate using the “jumpgate” technology. As the people grew, the cosmos were divided into four different factions, fighting for the resources among the cosmos. This browser based MMORPG allows players to command their own ship as one of the four factions. As they grow in power by selling goods between planets and fighting other ships, they will be able to build a fleet, upgrade their ship, and captain their own ultimate warship.

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Reviewed by | Last update: April 25, 2013

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