Freejam, developers of the increasingly popular Steam release of the free-to-play online robot construction & combat MMO Robocraft, today announced that the community will soon get to utilize an entirely new form of communication with the upcoming integration of the award-winning Curse Voice client. Once the integration is complete players will be able create and enter voice sessions using the Curse Voice client in-game. Additionally the Curse Voice client will automatically scan players on a single team and offer the opportunity to form an in-game session for that match, inviting all players that utilize the Curse Voice client.

“The Robocrafters have been asking us to put voice in game for ages now and Curse Voice was so easy to integrate-we’re gutted we didn’t do it sooner. Having added gameplay elements recently that require a lot more team cooperation it’s going to make a huge difference to the game experience.” Mark Simmons, CEO of Freejam
“Curse is ecstatic to be working with Freejam to help enhance the experience of its players with great in-game communication for Robocraft,”Curse CEO, Hubert Thieblot

To celebrate the partnership between Curse Voice and Robocraft, the developers are offering free in-game rewards for those using the client among which are 7 days of Robocraft Premium account access and 2 Curse Holoflags.

Source: Press Release