Trove Welcomes New Server And Refer-A-Friend Feature

Trion Worlds today announced a couple of exciting new updates for the voxel-based MMO Trove, introducing new servers and a rewarding refer-a-friend program. Following the games official world-wide launch the player base flocked to the servers in droves, flooding Trove with far more players than the developers were able to handle initially. As a result many players found themselves stuck in lengthy queues and unable to play. In response the developers worked throughout the weekend to ensure a smooth and reliable technical experience, launching an additional server to support the demand.

[quote cite=”Trove Developers, Trion Worlds”]The queues are not fun, and we’re continuing to take action to improve the situation as quickly as possible. With this being a weekend, and many more players available to play for longer periods, we will likely continue to see queues.[/quote]

Today also sees the release of an exciting refer-a-friend feature that sees community members rewarded for introducing friends and family to the game. Each time a referred player reaches Mastery Rank 30, the referring player earns a Companion Level increase. Recruiting your first friend that reaches Mastery 30 rank earns you an Elder Dragonling Ally with rewards increasing in value and rarity as you recruit more players. It has been reported that the incredibly rare Disaeon the Immortal Dragon Mount will be available for the most dedicated of recruiters, so get out there and get your friends playing Trove.

Source: Official Website