Heva Clonia Online Now Available

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

OGPlanet announced today that their cute free-to-play fantasy MMORPG game, Heva Clonia Online, has officially launched across the globe. The game enjoyed successful closed and open beta periods thanks to its unique blend of side-scrolling and 3D exploration, in-depth monster collection and evolution mechanics, and combo-based combat and abilities. The official launch brings with it a host of new content outlined below:

  • Cash Shop – Brand new items have been added as the official Cash Shop launch is upon us. Including exclusive Halloween costumes and items.
  • New Region – Explore a brand new region complete with new enemies and clones
  • Added Quests – The world of Aerial is still under threat and now players can continue the epic story past the open beta cutoff point.
  • Increased Level Cap – New abilities and items have been added with the new increase in level cap to level 49
  • New Dungeons
    – Bring some friends and challenge exciting new dungeons and instanced content
  • New Class Evolutions
    – New class and ability enhancements make the combat even more exciting.

If you’re thinking of giving Heva Clonia Online a try why not grab a key from our Heva Clonia Online open beta giveaway? You’ll net yourself some pretty cool items as well as an impressive EXP boost.

Heva Clonia Online Now Available

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