Massive Gold Giveaway In Prime World

Late last month Nival announced an array of changes heading to its free-to-play MOBA game Prime World and today those changes come into effect, including the beginning of Phase 2 and the introduction of a massive in-game gold giveaway.

Today marks the beginning of Phase 2, a new beta testing build that implements an exciting variety of highly requested features including the new matchmaking system. One of the biggest complaints from the community throughout Phase 1 was the length of queue times before each match – hopefully that concern will become a thing of the past. Phase 2 will also introduce new talents, new skins, a clan bank and an updated battlefield map.

The huge gold giveaway, which begins later today, will reward all players that login with 3000 in-game gold, worth $100. If you’ve yet to play Prime World today is the perfect opportunity to enjoy its unique take on the MOBA genre while netting yourself huge savings on micro-transactions with the new giveaway.

Source: Official Website

Massive Gold Giveaway In Prime World

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