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Reviewed by | Last update: February 12, 2014

Champions of Regnum is a Fantasy MMORPG by NGD Studios. This free-to-play MMO specializes in PvP, with an enormous Realm-vs-Realm style that promises to deliver intense warfare. Choose your allegiance: Will you fight alongside the dwarves of the north, Alsius? Test your mettle with the southern wood-elves of Syrtis? Or fight for your dark elf brothers in Ignis?

Do you have the chops to be a Warrior? A warrior must be mighty and stout. Do you posses the cunning of an Archer? A keen eye and a steady frame will lead you to riches. Or is your prowess, perhaps, to be found in the Mage? The highly-intelligent master of the elements.

Choose your role, play it well, and bring glory to your people.

Champions of Regnum Review

Reviewed by | Last update: February 12, 2014

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