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Today on the Daily XP:
Rust Combats Cheaters with CheatPunch Anti-Cheat Tool | [timer]19[/timer]
World Tour Fishing Announces Open Beta Date | [timer]51[/timer]
Lord of Ultima from Electronic Arts is Shutting Down | [timer]86[/timer]

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Cheaters, swindlers, the fraudulent, be aware! The popular survival MMO Rust has introduced a new anti-cheat system called CheatPunch. The will help combat the numerous hacks and cheats that have been placed into the game by a number of hooligans, maybe even by some of you watching. Creator Garry Newman, not to be confused with the flamboyant English musician, has stated that almost 5000 players have already been banned. He goes on to tell these players that they have been “naughty boys,” and that they know what they have done. Rust plans on putting up a website to show those unfortunate souls proof as to why they were individually banned. 

As a long-term world of warcraft player that was never any good, I can appreciate the diligence and painstaking persistence of fishing. With that said, GamesCampus has announced today the starting date for the open beta of their realistic fishing MMO, World Tour Fishing. The game will have 25 progressive character levels, 2 different countries to explore, and over 20 unique fishing locations. There will also be a number of daily tournaments, giving players ample opportunity to show the other who is a better human-being in a competitive setting. At 2:00 PM PST February 27th players will be able to dive deep into World Tour Fishing, bring your rods. 

If you play the MMO Lord of Ultima, my condolences to you. The aging MMORTS has announced its official closing date, despite having support of one of the biggest game publishers around. Electronic Arts states that the game will officially be closed on Monday, May 12th. Developers are encouraging players that still have any in-game currency to spend it fast because once the game closes, it’s gone forever. There is a mushy statement from Electronic Arts about the conclusion of this game in our on MMO ATK article. Give it a look if you like movies like the notebook, and that one where Many Moore gets cancer.      

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