Original Blood is a 3D browser MMORPG from GameSpace Entertainment set on Earth following a great war between the allied humans, vampires and werewolves and the vicious demons who started it all. The game, which gives off a strong World of Warcraft vibe, features three distinct races and four different classes to chose from, as well as a handful of customization options to create a unique character to your liking. While differences between races are mostly superficial and will boil down to player preference, there are key factors to take into consideration. Our Original Blood Classes and Character Creation Guide will help ensure that you make all the right decisions for you.

Humans: Through their ability to adapt, Humans have established strongholds across the continent. Their valor and ingenuity make them ideal Knights and Mages. They are also the only race that can become sages.

Vampires: Once burdened by the curse of night, Vampires can now brave the sun like any other race. With exception to the occasional rebel, Vampires have also mastered their desire for human blood, allowing them to exist in union with the human race. They are skilled in espionage and make highly talented Rogues. In addition, their blood-lust gives them unique access to powerful blood-related Skills.

Werewolves: The strongest out of all three races, Werewolves are recognized for their unbeatable vitality, monstrous stamina and raw savagery. Their devotion to nature and shamanistic traditions make them natural Mages. In game, werewolves also have the unique ability to transform into their wolf beast counterpart, which unleashes massive damage in physical attacks.

Original Blood Class Models[Attributes]
[stat=Attack]****[/stat] [stat=Critical]**[/stat] [stat=Control]***[/stat] [stat=Survival]*****[/stat]
[/attributes] Knight:Knights are your front line in the fight against evil. They excel in hand-to-hand, physical combat.

Main Attribute: Strength

Weapons: One-handed Sword, Shield, Two-handed Sword

[stat=Attack]*****[/stat] [stat=Critical]***[/stat] [stat=Control]*****[/stat] [stat=Survival]*[/stat]
[/attributes] Mage:

Mages are walking artillery stations, casting spells and dealing damage from a distance. Maintaining this distance is essential as they are quick to fall in close combat or when overwhelmed.

Main Attribute: Intelligence

Weapons: Frost Orb, Fire Orb

[stat=Attack]****[/stat] [stat=Critical]*****[/stat] [stat=Control]****[/stat] [stat=Survival]*[/stat]
[/attributes] Rogue:

Rogues strike from the shadows, instilling fear in their enemies. Agility is their strength, making a swift, stealthy strike their deadliest weapon. Only Werewolves and Vampires can play as Rogues.

Main Attribute: Agility

Weapons: Dagger, Claw

[stat=Attack]***[/stat] [stat=Critical]*[/stat] [stat=Control]*****[/stat] [stat=Survival]*****[/stat]
[/attributes] Sage:

Sages are hailed as bastions of hope even the darkest of times. These warriors summon the power of the heavens to unleash Holy Damage unto their enemies. Only Humans can play as Sages.

Main Attribute: Intelligence

Weapons: Staff, Hammer, Shield

Customizable Attributes
The following physical attributes are customizable across all races. Each alteration is purely cosmetic and has no consequence on stats:

  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Hairstyle
  • Hair Color
  • Facial Shape
  • Skin Tones
  • Eye Color