Hero Information

  • SkillsNatures Blessing
  • SkillsSpirit Owl
  • SkillsBinding Roots
  • SkillsBinding Wings
Malbus the Reanimated. Once a soldier for Vala, Malbus died without a chance to even draw his weapon. Brought back to life by Marith, Malbus throws himself into each encounter without fear, hoping it draws him nearer to the man that led him and his allies to slaughter. Relentless with his scythe, Malbus reaps all those that wish to stop him from his goal, no matter the realm they represent. Unlike many of those he faces, Malbus does not run scared, but stands firm, daring any to come within his reach.

[stat=Skills]Razor[/stat] [stat=Skills]Downburst[/stat] [stat=Skills]Blade Rush[/stat] [stat=Skills]Focus[/stat] [stat=Role]Slayer[/stat] [stat=Domain]Air[/stat]
[/heroes]Jin the Wandering Assassin. An assassin trained in secret, enemies will find Jins blade against their throat before they can react. Jin can be found on the front lines, but only for a brief moment, dishing out damage before fading back into the shadows. With his use of the WIndgates, Jin has never lost a mark or been caught, growing his reputation throughout each Domain. Though he fights for Stridis, Jin is not likely to refuse a job if his price is met…no matter who the target may be.

[stat=Skills]Frozen Jab[/stat] [stat=Skills]Snow Boulder[/stat] [stat=Skills]Snow Crash[/stat] [stat=Skills]Cold Embrace[/stat] [stat=Role]Tank[/stat] [stat=Domain]Water[/stat]
[/heroes]Fathom the Frozen Bulwark. Unlike others in the Domain of Water, Fathom prefers solitude to companionship. He can usually be found alone in the icy waters and mountains that he calls home and has never entered the main city of Laenmar. While Fathom may not partake in the community within the realm, he believes firmly in their goal and felt obligated to accept Haroon’s request to become a Guardian. Regardless of his reasons, enemies should fear this giant’s strong punches and lengthy reach.

[stat=Skills]Piercing Flame[/stat] [stat=Skills]Battle Cry[/stat] [stat=Skills]Shield Bash[/stat] [stat=Skills]Scorched Earth[/stat] [stat=Role]Slayer[/stat] [stat=Domain]Fire[/stat]
[/heroes]Cyrus the Forgotten King. Betrayed by his sister, Azura, Cyrus was forced to leave his lands behind for a decade. Exiled, Cyrus honed his skills with a blade, invading the neighboring lands with few men at his back. Only his beloved kingdom in mind, Cyrus answered Vala’s call with zeal, hoping to prove himself in the War of the Six and regain his kingship. Skilled with sword and shield, Cyrus knows he must first deal with his treacherous sister, reclaiming the respect of the people and clearing the stairs to his throne.

[stat=Skills]Ice Volley[/stat] [stat=Skills]Biting Cold[/stat] [stat=Skills]Arctic Squal[/stat] [stat=Skills]Flash Freeze[/stat] [stat=Role]Tactician[/stat] [stat=Domain]Water[/stat]
[/heroes]Azura the Queen of Ice. Sister to Cyrus, Azura observed her brother’s rule under Vala carefully, watching his mistakes and the blindness in which he led. Abandoning the realm, Azura now rules under Haroon and hopes that all will come to view the world as she does. With the ability to control ice and the cold, she assists her allies and inhibits her enemies with ease. Azura stands firm on the battlefield with her scepter raised and the certainty that she will be victorious if all share the same mind and a common goal.

[stat=Skills]Burning Pain[/stat] [stat=Skills]Blazing Soul[/stat] [stat=Skills]Heat Wave[/stat] [stat=Skills]Incinerate[/stat] [stat=Role]Tank[/stat] [stat=Domain]Fire[/stat]
[/heroes]Khar the Caged Inferno. When Vala infused her power with the flames of the CInder Crags, her first Guardian was born. A hulking creation with immense power, the elemental Khar was immediately a threat to the lands he was meant to protect. Vala quickly forged armor and confined Khar within, his power limited but controllable. In command of Valas armies, Khar only leads those into battle that he deems worthy. With hammer raised, Khar tirelessly moves through the Domains only leaving a trail of fiery devastation behind.

[stat=Skills]Binding Force[/stat] [stat=Skills]Inhibited[/stat] [stat=Skills]Momentum Shift[/stat] [stat=Skills]Arcane Beam[/stat] [stat=Role]Tactician[/stat] [stat=Domain]Creation[/stat]
[/heroes]Vandus, the Prime Magus. Like many in the Domain of Creation, Vandus has spent many years as a scholar. With countless inventions and secret knowledge only he has, Vandus is invaluable to the Domain; a single day after he saw Talia harness arcane energy, Vandus was able to create this energy from nothingness. Though his age is greater than most, Vandus only sees this as an advantage in battle. As a Guardian, he has garnered extreme respect from all Domains, and his enemies brace themselves each time he lifts his hands.

[stat=Skills]Foray[/stat] [stat=Skills]Crippling Strikes[/stat] [stat=Skills]Makeway[/stat] [stat=Skills]Upheaval[/stat] [stat=Role]Tank[/stat] [stat=Domain]Air[/stat]
[/heroes]A protector in the Domain of AIr for many years, Valora volunteered to be a Guardian the moment the need arose. Because she came forward and asked for nothing in return for her service, Stridis gifted Valora with powerful wings and a promotion to Captain of the Guard. Her wings, spear, and shield make for an extraordinary force that demands respect and attention on the battlefield; though Valora rarely fights alone, the enemy cannot allow her to stand if they desire victory.

The Krugas
[stat=Skills]Blood in the Water[/stat] [stat=Skills]Inkscape[/stat] [stat=Skills]Pound of Flesh[/stat] [stat=Skills]Predatory[/stat] [stat=Role]Slayer[/stat] [stat=Domain]Water[/stat]
[/heroes]The Krugas is unlike any other in the Water Realm, not solely due to his appearnce, but how he came to be. Now the last of his kind, The Krugas exists as he does today due to the meddling and attention of Marith. A creation that craves destruction and death, The Krugas uses ink to hide his movements before attacking with swiftness and ferocity. Newly sentient, The Krugas still relies heavily on instinct, though he has begun to wonder where he most belongs in the realms of this and war.

[stat=Skills]Energy Bolt[/stat] [stat=Skills]Evasive Maneuver[/stat] [stat=Skills]Ricochet[/stat] [stat=Skills]Piercing Shot[/stat] [stat=Role]Slayer[/stat] [stat=Domain]Creation[/stat]
[/heroes]One of the youngest and most brilliant minds in the realm, Talia outgrew the need for schooling before she was old enough to start. Talia accepted Amara’s request to become a Guardian, hoping to gain access to Lynsa Island where she would be able to work in secret on any project she wished, regardless of danger. Armed with the first device to harness arcane energy an accomplishment she doesn’t hesitate to share Talia is happy to prove that a sharpened mind will always beat sheer strength.

[stat=Skills]Fireball[/stat] [stat=Skills]Wildfire[/stat] [stat=Skills]Fired Up[/stat] [stat=Skills]Eruption[/stat] [stat=Role]Pusher[/stat] [stat=Domain]Fire[/stat]
[/heroes]Serafine the Ember Mage. Unlike others in the Fire Realm, Serafine has never been interested in the chain of command. Clashing daily with Khar’s leaderships, Vala allowed Serafine to lead a group of her own, a group that believes a wildfire is greater than an organized flame. An impulsive and talented mage, Serafine aims to prove her skill and beliefs by launching, fireballs in quick succession, forcing her enemies to focus on whats coming at them while she calls forth fiery earth beneath their feet.

[stat=Skills]Winds of Vigor[/stat] [stat=Skills]Vacuum Force[/stat] [stat=Skills]Shearing Winds[/stat] [stat=Skills]Furious Gale[/stat] [stat=Role]Pusher[/stat] [stat=Domain]Air[/stat]
[/heroes]With the might to control the air to do her bidding, Robin drifts above the ground with utmost grace. While this dancer is armed with mystical blades, she prefers to use the wind to change the flow of battle to her liking, Enemies should fear seeing Robin with allies, as that is when she is most powerful. Capable of shielding others from damage or hurrying along their steps, Robin will have enemies fearing even the slightest breeze in anticipation for whats to come.

[stat=Skills]Heroid Charge[/stat] [stat=Skills]Divine Strike[/stat] [stat=Skills]Sword Storm[/stat] [stat=Skills]Into the Fray[/stat] [stat=Role]Pusher[/stat] [stat=Domain]Creation[/stat]
[/heroes]A realm for years only by its inventions and not its military might, Osric single-handedly set out to make sure the DOmain of Creation would be seen as strong. While others preferred to focus on innovation and the arts, Osric became the youngest soldier to become the Leader of the Protectorate. With quick thinking and an inspirational command style, Osric is best around allies, leading them into combat with an admirable confidence that inspires all around him.

[stat=Skills]Wild Swing[/stat] [stat=Skills]Shattering Leap[/stat] [stat=Skills]Feel No Pain[/stat] [stat=Skills]Conquer[/stat] [stat=Role]Slayer[/stat] [stat=Domain]Earth[/stat]
[/heroes]A hyper-aggressive warrior, Orlon ends many fights shortly after they begin. With an insatiable bloodlust that constantly drenches his axes in blood, Orlon shrugs off pain and damage with ease. His need to prove himself has left many villages without a single survivor as he has searches for a worthy opponent. Every death by his hands gives Orlon even more certainty that he is the mightiest in all the Domains, though becoming a Guardian may give him more of a challenge than he anticipated.

[stat=Skills]Charged Shot[/stat] [stat=Skills]Thunderbolt[/stat] [stat=Skills]Ball Lightning[/stat] [stat=Skills]Light the Sky[/stat] [stat=Role]Slayer[/stat] [stat=Domain]Air[/stat]
[/heroes]Although born in another Dominion, Nyri fights with utmost devotion. Gifted with a bow that allows her to channel lightning, Nyri stays out of reach of combat with lightning arrows and precise aim. Recently, rumors have surfaced that her village may have been destroyed years ago at the hands of another Guardian. An expert hunter and tracker, Nyri is searching for any information she can find and will not give up until she finds an answer or has drawn her last breathe.

[stat=Skills]Eviscerate[/stat] [stat=Skills]Spine Sever[/stat] [stat=Skills]Shadow Stalk[/stat] [stat=Skills]Soul Flayer[/stat] [stat=Role]Slayer[/stat] [stat=Domain]Death[/stat]
[/heroes]Morlock the Frenzied Executioner. Tucked away from the realm until death seized him, Morlock only wishes to bring the same fate to all those around him. Able to disappear from sight, Morlock is frightening enemy that will appear behind his target, his weapons of bone piercing through their flesh with precision and ease. Morlocks release by Marith has given him an insatiable hunger to kill, forcing his enemies to put their backs against the wall while their ears twitch for any sound that the creature is near.