Star Conflict gets an "Invasion Mode"

StarGem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment’s free-to-play MMO action game, Star Conflictgets an update with the new “Invasion Mode”. The Mode will be in Closed Beta until the end of the summer. 

In order for players to access the mode they need to earn one of the following achievements:

Strikeforce Prometheus – Obtained by purchasing the DLC with the special mark
Universe Conqueror – 
 Collecting 1000 achievement points in the game

The developers are going to make it a little easier to obtain the Strikeforce Prometheus achievement, and by easier, we mean cheaper. In honour of the new “Invasion Mode”, they have decided to make Star Conflict packs and ingame currency will be discounted up to 75% through its online shop and Steam until the end of the month.

Invasion mode’s storyline involved an alien race that had disappeared into another dimension and have found their way back, but are looking to invade this time around. Star Conflict players will be able to form parties of four to explore the new ‘Open Space’ area and combine forces as they take on new quests and engage in PvP and PvE battles. There will also be new loot for players to get their hands on which will also be able to be used to craft military weapons and equipment to protect their spaceships.

“The inclusion of Invasion Mode into the virtual world of Star Conflict provides a unique and  unpredictable game dynamic that introduces more variables to the player’s space combat experience. Not only do players have to worry about PVP attacks in the free to explore environment but alien ships can suddenly appear close to player’s own ship without warning, forcing them to make the lightning quick decision to flee or fight” Said Stanislav Skorb, Director, Star Gem Inc.

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