Do you remember when Sony Online Entertainment announced a PlayStation 4 version of PlanetSide 2? Well, it’s still coming. During an exclusive stream event on Twitch.TV SOE demonstrated the PlayStation 4 version of the critically acclaimed free-to-play shorter before following up today with an interview with EuroGamer.

Creative Director Matthew Higby spoke in detail about the PlayStation 4 launch but was sadly unable to provide any information pertaining to its release. When questioned about a potential release date and the delays surrounding the PS4 version he said:

I wish I knew. I know a target, but I don’t know the exact day. The reason is, as much as it sounds like we’re blowing smoke, we’re working hard to release a game that feels like a full-on console experience and not just a port. So it’s taken us quite a long time to re-jigger our user interface and our controls. There’s a lot that needs to get done. Matthew Higby, Creative Director

However, when discussing a potential open beta phase, he had some more positive information to share:

Right now our intention is for a beta at that time. We will have some more info about those plans at the PlayStation Experience event on 6th and 7th December.Matthew Higby, Creative Director

He also went on to explain possible changes to the algorithm that controls the technology relating to the number of players on a single server but reassured players that it’s unlikely to impact them on any noticeable level.

Source: EuroGamer

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    I been waiting for this, my PC can’t run it because it’s running a 32 bit OS