EverQuest Next Has Been Canceled | XP Special Edition

EverQuest Next Has Been Canceled | XP Special EditionWatch this video on YouTube What’s up Attackers, Mark here. And, this is a story I should have had in the XP today, but I already recorded it and exported it as this broke this afternoon, so I’m doing it here as a one off news story because … Read more

PlanetSide 2’s Creative Director Announces Departure

A post was published on the PlanetSide 2 Reddit earlier today from the now-former Creative Director Matt Higby, informing the PS2 community that he has now officially departed from Daybreak Game Studio. The early reactions suspected that Higby’s departure may have been related to the recent firings within the network but Higby has been considering … Read more

H1Z1 Server Wipe On The Way

H1Z1 News

Sony Online Entertainment took to Reddit today to inform the H1Z1 community that the planned server wipe for the Early Access zombie survival MMO will take place tomorrow, Thursday, February 5th. All characters, player created structures, repaired and used vehicles, and current inventories will be wiped as the developers continue their efforts to balance the … Read more

Latest Patch Moves H1Z1 In The Right Direction

H1Z1 News

Following a rather rocky post-launch week for H1Z1 it appears the developers, Sony Online Entertainment, seem to have things on the right track with the most recent changes addressing many of the concerns expressed by the community. The patched was introduced earlier this week and many of the community and streaming community have praised the … Read more

PlayStation 4 Welcomes PlanetSide 2 Closed Beta

The award-winning PlanetSide 2 is all set and ready to impress the console world today as Sony Online Entertainment launch the closed beta event for PlayStation 4. PlanetSide 2 has enjoyed huge levels of success on the PC with thousands of players warring on the planes of Auraxis day after day. Today, Tuesday January 20th, … Read more

Hackers Waste Little Time Infecting H1Z1


Amidst a flood of server stability problems, disgruntled gamers, endless hours of delays and several unexpected setbacks H1Z1 suffered yet another blow this weekend as hackers revealed their efforts to bend the game to their own will. Within hours of Sony Online Entertainment’s long awaited release hackers began to work on successfully breaching what security … Read more

Sony Online Entertainment Address Poor H1Z1 Launch With No-Questions Asked Refund


Sony Online Entertainment’s highly anticipated debut into the MMO zombie survival genre got off to a poor start last week following poor server stability and questionable PR decisions in the wake of its early access steam launch. H1Z1’s launch was typical of the MMO genre, as was the response from the wider community. The initial … Read more

H1Z1’s Rocky Start And Pay-To-Win Concerns


H1Z1 has recovered from a rather disappointing Early Access launch today but continues to suffer attacks by the survival MMO community following the reveal of information players claim came as a surprise. Previously the developers were quoted to say that players would not be able to purchase weapons or equipment for premium currencies, avoiding the … Read more

H1Z1Early Access Will Feature PvE & PvP Restrictions With 150+ Servers


As thousands of fans wait in anticipation for the release of Sony Online Entertainment’s zombie MMO H1Z1, John Smedley took to Twitter to tease taste buds with some information on servers and modes that will be available tomorrow, Thursday 15th. The Early Access client is scheduled to release tomorrow through Valve’s digital distribution platform, Steam, … Read more

PlanetSide 2 Gears Up To Smash World Record

Sony Online Entertainment are looking to reclaim their crown this month as they reveal the full plans for their attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most players in a single online FPS game with PlanetSide 2. The news comes in the form of a new announcement on the official website, offering interested … Read more

PlanetSide 2 Closed Beta Arrives On PlayStation 4 January 20th

The first batch of PlayStation 4 players will get the opportunity to explore Auraxis in all its glory this month as Sony Online Entertainment announce the starting dates for the PlanetSide 2 closed beta. January 20th will see the critically-acclaimed free-to-play MMOFPS game introduced to consoles for the first time as the initial closed beta … Read more

PlanetSide 2 PlayStation 4 Beta Coming Next Month

Sony Online Entertainment’s critically acclaimed free-to-play MMOFPS game, PlanetSide 2, is coming to PlayStation 4 a little sooner than we expected following a Tweet from John Smedley earlier today. The Twitter post was a response to one Twitter user asking about any possible release windows for PlanetSide 2, but I think even they would have … Read more

Popular ARMA Modder Joined Sony Online Entertainment To Work With H1Z1 Team

H1Z1 News

PlayerUnknown recently took to Reddit to participate in an exciting AMA event surrounding his work with the incredibly popular ARMA II and ARMA III mod, Battle Royale. During the AMA event he revealed that he has been working alongside Sony Online Entertainment to develop a similar mode for their upcoming free-to-play zombie MMO, H1Z1. He … Read more

H1Z1 Early Access Release Date Confirmed – Sooner Than You Think

H1Z1 News

With the massive success of the survival zombie genre in recent years it was inevitable that a big name publisher would eventually tackle the apocalypse, and Sony Online Entertainment are having their shot with the upcoming release of H1Z1. The zombie survival MMO was first revealed back in April of 2014, amidst the huge hype … Read more

Planetside 2 PlayStation 4 Beta Sign-Ups Open

Sony Online Entertainment today announced the opening of sign-ups for the upcoming PlayStation 4 beta for the critically acclaimed Planetside 2. Players are invited to visit the Planetside 2 website today for their chance to sign up and earn a place in the first wave of beta. The website lacks any details on the selection … Read more