3D Multiplayer Mech Combat Game Hawken will be F2P

Adhesive Games announced on a recent blog post on their Hawken site that their 3D multiplayer mech combat game will be made available as a free to play game. Hawken will be made available in December, on the 12th actually, 12/12/12. The developer also announced that beta testing signups are now open to the public.

Few details are available on how their free to play model will work, but on their FAQ page there is mention of in game purchases that will allow for greater customization as well as more varieties of weapons.

Hawken is a fast-paced 3D multiplayer first person shooter mech game, that’s a mouth-ful, that will simulate the feeling of piloting an individual heavy war machine.

Sign up for the beta over at PlayHawken.com

HAWKEN - Official Gameplay (Work in Progress)

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