4X Space Strategy Game Aims to Modenrize with Indiegogo Campaign

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Earth Doom Games Inc. plans on launching an Indiegogo campaign in order to raise funds and bring their text based 4X space strategy game into the 21st century with a more modern browser MMO based look.  The project will allow for the company to raise money and serve as an intemrediate in the process.  Players who pledge will receive early access to the game and gain additional benefits for larger pledges.

Earth Doom is a free online space strategy game in which you get to build troops, take over land, and take down your enemies through espionage and epic battles.  The game is free to play and does not offer any sort of payment options in game, which assures that every gamer has a chance to win the game fairly.  The game is based on ticks, which happen every 60 seconds.  When a tick occurs, resources and distributed among players which they can then use to purchase units, spy on others or attack enemies. 

To help Earth Doom on their goal please visit their Indiegogo page here.  To read more about Earth Doom visit their main website here.


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