A Pokemon MMO Would Be a Wii U Killer App

The Wii U is on the way later this year (unless the US get’s a nice little delay, then Japan get’s it this year and we’ll wait till Spring 2013) and Nintendo hasn’t shown a whole lot regarding the new console’s games and even the graphics aside from some tech demos.  They recently announced that the Wii U will have connectivity to a full network, similar to Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network (now called SONY Entertainment Network), called Nintendo Network.

So with this new emphasis on online connectivity, where does that take us?  Hopefully this will usher Nintendo into the current online world and the best way they could introduce this online environment would be to launch a new Pokemon game that plays like an MMO.  Enter “Pokemon World”.

Pokemon World is, of course, not real (there is a fan game by the same name I believe).  However, if it was created, it would be the game that people would buy the Wii U to get.  Imagine being able to venture through the regions of the various Pokemon games from Kanto to Unova in full 3D with all your friends!  A Pokemon MMO would let players play the game as if they were Ash, Misty, and Brock, traveling the world to be a Pokemon master.

So if this were to happen, what would you want to see most?

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