Additional details on CCP?s World of Darkness exposed

In Reykjavik, Iceland, the annual FanFest had revealed some more details regarding CCP?s World of Darkness. CCP had changed their priorities slightly in order to focus more so on Eve Online and Dust 514 but Chris McDonough, the senior producer, explained, “Part of the reason we’ve been keeping it secret is so we could wait until we show you something that makes you guys nuts.?

World of Darkness will display real-world cities such as London, Paris, and New York. There is also ?a deep political system that will see one player assume control of each city as a Prince ? one with power to inflict permadeath on other characters,? wrote Eurogamer.

The game has already been set to have a mature rating with its deep hand-to-hand combat, which is another feature of the game. Blood will be used as an in-game currency and from a knowledge perspective; World of Darkness will pull from Vampire: The Masquerade, which was an older version that was created in 1991.

There will be more information to come on the game later in the year while the team heads back into isolation in order to focus more on the development. There has been no release date as of yet, because according to Donough, ??we have a lot to live up to. Eve changed the game industry and we want World of Darkness to do the same?.

“We’re going back into lay-low mode, then you guys will see some really core stuff,” promised Donough.

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