Age Of Conan

Explore the world of Hyboria in Age of Conan, Funcoms latest MMORPG title to adapt a free to play model. Based on the highly popular Conan franchise, the game lets you explore a world of magic and monsters as you battle your way through, using everything from a battle-axe to dark magic.

Age of Conan features twelve unique classes and 4 races all with in-depth skill trees and abilities that allow players to customize their character as they progress through the game.The combat in AoC is arguably one of the most interactive in the MMO universe, instead of the typical button mashing of 1-5, players choose how to swing their weapon and perform combo attacks to unleash stronger abilities. The combat system is heavily skill based which attracts many PvP fans to the game and the recent update including hardcore PvP servers has gone down really well with the community.PvP is a large part of Age of Conan, players can join free for all servers allowing for instant combat against other players almost anywhere in the game.

More reserved PvP fans get plenty of action in the form of Guilds and Siege Battles. Guilds are able to build or conquer Battle Keeps.  Siege Battles are large-scale combat scenarios where guilds fight each other in the hopes of claiming new territory or capturing better resource locations.

Age of Conan now offers a free to play model allowing players to download the client and play for free with minimal restrictions, you can progress through the game easily as a free player but you don’t gain access to some of the more unique mounts and raids. Funcom also recently introduced a micro transaction system in the form of a standard MMO item mall, a free to play player can use this item mall without needing to upgrade to a premium account.

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