Aliens VS Humans In New MMOFPS Update

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

WEBZEN have just revealed a brand new PvP mode heading to their critically acclaimed
free MMOFPS game, Arctic Combat. In April of this year players were first introduced to the alien race as they invaded the game in their attempts to destroy a nuclear reactor and send humanity packing. The players emerged victorious but now a new alien threat looms.

The brand new Aliens Vs. Humans PvP game mode will give players the opportunity to sample alien combat first-hand. The game mode will take place on the new White Out map, with all players beginning as basic characters before randomly being chosen as either an Alien Host or a Human Hero. The Aliens are tasked with infecting and changing all of the humans while the heroes have the simple task of survival.

Accompanying the new game mode is an impressive variety of new content for Arctic Combat. The new update brings with it 6 brand new weapons, 9 unique customization pieces, new skills and a brand new sentry gun. Two female characters will also be joining players on the new White Out map.

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