Alpha 8 Arrives In 7 Days To Die

The Fun Pimps recently released the highly anticipated Alpha 8 update for the increasingly popular zombie survival MMO, 7 Days to Die. Accompanying the recently revealed improvements to zombie animations is a huge variety of new content and fixes including the smooth terrain update – one of the most requested improvements from the community since the games launch on Steam.

The smooth terrain changes create an entirely different environment to that which was previously available. The jagged and unrealistic terrain has been replaced with brand new textures and much more realistic mapping, offering a far more immersive experience and a game that looks incredible compared to previous versions. Other changes introduced with Alpha 8 include brand new sub biomes, air supply drops with custom frequency configuration and a number of textures replaced with high definition quality artwork.

Alpha 8 also comes with a huge list of technical fixes and changes to various mechanics. For a full list of the 7 Days to Die Alpha 8 patch notes visit the official website at the link below.

Source: Official Website

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