AMZGame’s Launch Latest Free-To-Play Browser MMO Clash Of Avatars

AMZGame today announced that Clash of Avatars, a vibrant new free-to-play browser MMO, will soon be available to play in its earliest Alpha form exclusively through the AMZGame portal. The Alpha server, US East, is scheduled to launch on December 30th at 10AM EST. Everyone with an existing AMZGame account is invited to participate in the Alpha.

The game features an exotic selection of colorful companions, a huge variety of fearsome mounts and enough PvE content to keep players engaged for many months to come. Choose from a Mage, Priest of Warrior as your class and do battle with dozens of different enemies in open world combat, challenging dungeons and more.

Key Features:

  • A warm, fun and friendly 3D world of rich and colorful daydreams
  • 3 dimensional view with zoom function
  • Over 60 fancy and mighty Avatars
  • 10 lovely and loyal pets to keep you company
  • 5 dance modes for you while you rest
  • Over 50 cute or fierce mounts to collect
  • World Boss, Corridor Defense and other interesting PvE events await you
  • Asura Ground, Coliseum and Flag Conflict are here for exciting PvP Events
  • Solo Quiz and World Quiz to reveal how brilliant you are


Source: Press Release

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