APB Heading To Mobile Platform – Well Almost

Reloaded Productions and Blazing Griffin today announced the upcoming iOS spin-off of the popular MMOTPS, APB: Reloaded, with the reveal of APB: Retribution. Reloaded Productions are the team behind the desktop version but opted to bring in outside talent in the form of Blazing Griffin to release a mobile version based on the APB game world.

The game features top-down shoot ’em up style action similar to that seen in titles such as Hotline Miami. APB: Retribution features detailed hand-painted artwork as seen in the game trailer below, offering a different take on that of the hugely detailed world of San Paro.

The developers have stated that APB: Retribution will release on the iOS platform later this month with an Android version expected to follow. For more information check out the official website.


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