APB Reloaded Making its way to Retail

APB Reloaded is a free-to-play action MMORPG that drops players squarely in the middle of a pitched battle between the law enforcement and criminals. The game, which originally launched via digital distribution in 2011, has earned a small but passionate nice in the MMO market, namely for its free-roaming play and refusal to shy away from mature content.

GamersFirst, the company behind the game, announced late last year that APB Reloaded would be finding its way to retail shelves in the form of a special boxed edition. Unfortunately, the boxed version of the game was delayed indefinitely while the developer worked out a few kinks. Now, months later, they?re ready to go live with the product as announced.

So why buy a game at the store when you can download it for free? The boxed edition, which retails for $29.99, contains the basic game in addition to over $50 worth of purchase-only items. This translates to a rough savings of $20 for players interested in jumping in the game with the best available equipment.

The boxed edition also offers a 30-day trial of APB?s premium subscription package, which provides faster reputation and experience gains and a 20% discount on cash shop items.

Would you purchase a F2P game if the deal were sweet enough?

Source: Massively

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