APB: Reloaded

APB (All Points Bulletin): Reloaded is an action based third-person shooter MMO produced by Realtime Worlds. It takes place in the modern city of San Paro where the Enforcers (a well-organized faction of special forces, police units, and mercenaries) attempt to contain the activities of Criminals (bands of terrorists who prey on the city and its civilians). A player may chose to play either faction by creating a highly customizable character in the chosen faction and completing missions or participating in senseless cop-on-thug violence (or vice versa).

APB is a real time world that is as immersive as it gets. There is no offline mode, so yesterday’s game will be different today. The action is non-stop in this urban sprawl and opportunities for fun are endless. Play with your friends and form groups to beat missions, gain ranks, score some cash and unlock many of the hundreds of new clothes, guns, and cars available. The music is great, and there’s even a marketplace where you can sell music you’ve created for in-game cash. The game’s engine also gives room for tons of hilarious stunts, edge-of-your-seat battles, and death defying chases.

This off-kilter MMO is sure to strike a nerve with some, but this addicting title is must try. So ask yourself, “Do I believe in justice… or chaos?” and prepare yourself for the relentless onslaught that is the living city of San Paro.

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