Arctic Combat – New Content and Partnership

Big news coming in from WEBZEN and and Arctic Combat.  First off, they have finalized a deal with Microsoft that will provide them with virtually unnoticeable lag to players from around the world.  How are they going to do this?  Well they will be using Microsoft’s cloud-computing platform Azure and helping to create a special platform for online gaming.  The new platform will offer a unique hybrid version of Windows Azure that will bring a stable, fast and smooth infrastructure to players.  Speeds will be about 2.5 times faster than any private server and will assure there is no interrupted service to all players of Arctic Combat

In addition to the new partnership WEBZEN has added a bevy of new content to their MMOFPS.  First off they added the QBZ-95 assault rifle, which is a compact but powerful personal defense weapon used by the Chinese military, the ever popular P90 and the Kriss SV Bengal Tiger.  In addition to the new guns they have introduced a “Snow” camouflage paint for weapons and a brand new map entitled ‘Syria’.  The new map will put players into a desert-themed world in the Far East.

There will be some new events and promotions coming up as well.  Players who have played over 800 minutes during the ‘800 minute’ event will get an unrevealed SMG weapon.  Also they will be have a +0 EXP week during the event.  Additional details for the event as well as information on the new maps, weapons and partnership can be found on the Arctic Combat website.  

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