ARK: Scorched Earth Expansion Available Today!

Studio Wildcard continue to prove they are among the most active and dedicated elite of the development world as today they announce the release of a massive new expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved, ARK: Scorched Earth. The first official paid expansion pack is now available to purchase for $19.99 on Xbox One, Steam, PC, Mac and Linux, including some of the most exciting content introduced to the game to-date.

[quote cite=”Studio Wildcard lead designer and co-founder, Jeremy Stieglitz “]“All of us at Wildcard are tremendously excited to see how these new features alter the dynamics of the long-term ARK ‘metagame’. While we’ve had Scorched Earth and future ARKs in the planning stages since the project’s inception, establishing its inter-ARK travel technology was the essential reason for making this content available to players right now. We encourage everyone to grab some trustworthy tribemates, don your safari hats, layer on the SPF-1000 sunscreen, and head into the great blazing desert!” [/quote]

Those attending PAX West will get the first opportunity to mount some of the most fantastical creatures introduced with the Scorched Earth update as players can look forward to crafting tons of exciting new items, taming new beasts and exploring a brand new world with new challenges and wonders.

ARK: Scorched Earth Expansion Pack!

Source: Press Release

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