ARK: Survival Evolved Enters Early Access

As cinematic hype continues to build ahead of the Jurassic sequel to the Steven Spielberg franchise developers hope to board the same train with the Early Access release of the dinosaur survival epic, ARK: Survival Evolved.

Developers Studio Wildcard today announced the availability of the Early Access client for ARK: Survival Evolved, the game that many hope to deliver a thrilling dinosaur survival experience after the failings of The Stomping Land.

Despite being in Early Access the ARK: Survival Evolved client comes packed with a host of exciting features including:


  • Join a tribe, plant renewable crops and build an entirely functioning village with a sustainable economy
  • Train and level up “pet” dinosaurs to carry allies, inventory and equipment
  • Increase levels by experiencing the varied elements that the island has to offer
  • Sneak up on unsuspecting survivors, render them unconscious, then steal their gear
  • Grab a ringside seat to watch dinosaurs battle to the death
  • Maintain individual health by searching out meat sources, plant types, and drinkable water, or starve
  • Craft clothing to protect yourself from extreme weather conditions or freeze to death
  • Build a deluxe, multi-story house that includes ramps, beams, gates, remote gates, trapdoors, water pipes and faucets, generators, wires, electrical devices and more


For more information players are invited to check out the official Steam page.

Source: Press Release

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