Assassin?s Creed III’s confounding world

There are officially 220 days left until the anticipated release of the ?fourth? Assassin?s Creed game in the series. The teaser trailer that was released by Ubisoft on March 5th, 2012 had its fans wanting more. The game is set during the American Revolution (1758 ? 1777) and the trailer released by Ubisoft, along with a recently published article by Game Informer magazine, revealed a lot of unique things within its contents that haven?t been seen before in the previous games in the series.

The first actual details and screenshots to come out in the Game Informer magazine were jaw-dropping. The article showed screenshots of Boston, New York, Battlefields, The Frontier and the Seasons, all of which were astonishingly well-done. The article then goes on to show some of the characters that will be in the game in order to give its storyline its irresistible charm.

First off, it shows Connor ? he is the main ?assassin?, if you will, within this game, just as Ezio and Altair were the main assassins for the previous games. Connor is half-English and half-Mohawk and as the player makes his or her way through the game, they start out as a young Connor and the game proceeds onto the rest of his life, decades after.

Another interesting character that makes an appearance within this game is Benjamin Franklin. According to Ubisoft though, he will not play the same role as Leonardo DaVinci did previously. George Washington will also forge his way through into the game as well, who plays an obvious major role, as he was the Commander. A lesser known character to some, Charles Lee, is going to demonstrate his capabilities in the American Revolution as well.

These factual, historical characters will be interesting to see on how they will play out in the game. The writers were able to access more historical and other accurate information about what these men did and what they had contributed in their lives during this timeframe.

Overall, the Assassin?s Creed series has been one of the best ?open-world? concepts and action-adventure series to be released in the gaming world. People will not be able to take their concentration off of the screen once it comes out. The action that will be taking place during the American Revolution between the Assassins and the Templars will be an epic battle that people won?t be able to stop talking about.

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