Awards Being Offered For Rift From Raptr and Trion

Beginning on November 13th, Raptr and Trion will be giving gamers a chance to redeem rewards for Rift as they prepare for the new expansion, Rift: Storm Legion. The registered users will be eligible for a variety of rewards in order to help them go through the game. The rewards come on a first come, first serve basis. The eligibility to get the rewards is based on the player’s number of games played and ranks earned on Raptr. The ranks are determined by time played and achievements unlocked. 

Here are the rewards as follows:

Reward 1-Newbie or Above
?   5,000 codes
?   Requirement: Players who play RIFT Lite (demo)
?   Earn: Dwarven goggles (in-game item)

Reward 2 ? Amateur or Above
?   5,000 codes
?   Requirement: Players who play RIFT Lite (demo)
?   Earn: Free copy of RIFT Game

Reward 3 ? Experienced or Above
?   5,000 codes
?   Requirement: Ranked Experienced in RIFT
?   Earn: Storm Legion Helm (in-game item)

Reward 4 ? Elite or Above
?   2,000 codes
?   Requirement:  Ranked Dedicated in RIFT
?   Earn: Spider Mount (in-game item)

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