Balancing IRL and Gaming – MMOpinion

We all know that it is far too easy to get lost in our gaming worlds for hours on end.  Whether we are hunkered down in our living room, or bedroom or office or wherever we may play, we oftentimes get an unexpected knock on the door, or call on the phone or question from a roommate/parent/loved one.  It is in those situations where we have to weigh the options of either dropping where we are in the game and dealing with the issue at hand, or ignoring it for a few more valuable minutes.

Many MMOs don’t really have that option to pause so it may be tough to stop at a moment’s notice.  But we’ve all dealt with players going AFK or taking a few minute break to help take out the trash or whatever.

So i’m curious how do you balance your game time with the demands of your job, or friends, or school or parents or pets or anything that may take some time out of your gaming session.  Do you tend to the matters at hand or try to hold them off for a great time to take a break?  Or do you drop everything in game because RL comes first?  Let us know below!

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