Battle The Developers In DUST 514

Earlier today CCP Games announced a variety of exciting events heading to the free-to-play MMOFPS title, DUST 514. Sticking with MMO tradition the developers have launched a number of exciting events to celebrate the festive season with the opportunity to head into battle against the developers themselves.

New Eden will become a haven for players looking for unique rewards, exciting activities and deadly competition. The currently announced events and information are highlighted below:

Developer Invasion ? December 16, 18 & 20

Players will have the opportunity battle alongside the developers of DUST 514 as either allies or enemies

  • For a few hours across these dates, teams of 4-6 developers will fight in ?Other Contract? matches against players.
  • If players fight with or against developers, they will earn Double SP + Double ISK rewards.

Weapon Trials: Rifle Round Up ? December 18-25

Players that equip the standard level of the Rail and Combat rifle’s will have the opportunity to earn upgrades to the prototypes of each weapon if they’re able to accumulate a certain number of kills.

  • For every 10 kills scored, players will receive one Prototype Rifle of
    the same type of weapon. (e.g. 40 standard Rail or Combat Rifle kills
    will receive four AUR Prototype Rail or Combat Rifles)
  • Rack up the kill count and bolster your arsenal.

CCP Games also stated that tomorrow will mark the beginning of a new sale, offering a massive 75% discount on the DUST 514 Tactical Edition. This includes the client, additional drop suits, vehicles and premium currency. Previously available at $19.99, players will be able to grab the game for just $4.99 until January 4th. To grab your copy click here.

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