Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes is Electronic Arts free-to-play third person shooter. With stylish cartoony graphics, this game is aimed mainly at casual gamers or anyone who likes funny and cartoony gameplay, but still wants to show who’s boss when flaunting their skills.

Battlefield Heroes does not aim to displace or compete with the Battlefield series, which has been captivating gamers since 2002 with Battlefield 1942, as much as present a fun and free ‘sandbox’ style alternative to its counterparts. Quick battles and a built-in matchmaking system ensures both noobs and leet players are paired with equally skilled players, so that fair play prevails.

The Commando, Gunner and Soldier are featured as the three playable in Battlefield Heroes. The two sides include the ‘National Army’ and the ‘Royal Army’ who are at war, for some reason or another. The classes are completely balanced, and besides the different looks of the weapons, they match each other in terms of ammo, speed, agility, etc. Each class may carry two weapons and one explosive, so some tactical thinking is required when approaching the enemy vehicles. They are able to pilot every vehicle and offer different abilities. Battlefunds and Valor Points are the games in-game currency which allow the player to be able to customize themselves and upgrade some items.

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