Beasts of Prey Basic Game Guide

This is just a short, general guide to the multiplayer survival MMO, Beasts of Prey from Octagon Interactive. Beasts of Prey features a randomly generated world that increases based on the population of the game. It is a sandbox game where your goal is to simply survive against the dinosaurs in the land. The game is currently in Steam’s Early Access.

[heading]Basic Game Controls[/heading]Movement: WASD
Turning: Mouse Control
Jump: Space
Crouch: C
Prone: X
Menu: Tab
Run: Shift
Pick up item: E
Inventory: I
Crafting: U
Skills: L
To Talk: V
Manage Tribe: T
Zoom in: Alt
Clear UI: F1

[heading]Introductory Advice[/heading]You start the game without anything except a combat knife, so your first priority should be making a small house with a bed, craft table and furnace to cook your friend and keep you from starving. It is important to note that you can’t make a bed or a furnace until to make a crafting table. So make that first, of course after you make your small house. So go start collecting rocks and trees. Remember, all of your actions play a role in the impact of the game, so always think twice about who you come across and how you treat them!

[heading]Crafting[/heading]How to use crafting table: The crafting table have many uses so it is very important in Beasts of Prey. When you walk up to it, open your crafting menu (U) and you’ll now have a expanded version of it, which allows you to craft even more things. In that expanded version you will find the furnace which is a very important item to have made. Also when you near craft table you will notice it prompt you with a menu box craft option. Here you place your unidentified ores that you find from wilderness. Leave it in there for few mins, and the craft table will slowly start identifying the unknown material, you’ll get a range of many things. Gold Ores, Silver Ores, Iron Ores, Copper Ores..etc

How to mine rocks: You’ll find rocks in the wilderness, whether they are in the field, mountain or even water. You simply go up to them take out your axe (stone/metal) or knife, and start hacking away. You’ll notice any time you hit the rock, pieces of it will break-off, you can pick up the pieces only when your cursor arrow changed into a hand. Press (E) to pick up. Be careful though, once the rock breaks, it’ll scatter everywhere, and you won’t get credit for it once it completely breaks apart, which is probably a bug at this point.

How to mine trees: Basically the same as mining rocks. Hack trees, it’ll produce pieces of wood timber, pick them up now you have raw wood which you can use in your crafting table and furnace.

How to use the furnace: Go up to it, when it prompt you menu place your ores in it with raw wood. After a min, you’ll see that ores start to convert into ignot Ex: silver ores = silver ignot Exception is sulfid ores= sulfer powder( this is use for making ammo for guns)

How to use CNC crafting table: At this point it seems that the CNC crafting table is unusable in the game. But popular belief is that we use this table for blueprints that you can craft houses, larger structures and possibly even vehicles in the future.

How to build a house: First you need concrete floors, to make that you need lots of raw stones. After placing concrete on the ground, you now need to make a wooden foundation, which is made from raw wood. After that you can make your wooden walls and a door on top of wood surface.

Oil: Oil is one of the most bitterly contested raw materials in Beasts of Prey. Basically every machine needs oil to run, and an oil rig is required to pump oil from oil fields. I haven’t made it to this level of gameplay yet, but will update you when I do.

[heading]Tribes[/heading]The game relies heavily on survival, and the best way to survive is with friends. Tribes compromise a typical community of players and will allow you to join forces to conquer more of the world, and construct a better headquarters.

I’ll add more to this guide when I get a chance!

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