Best Free MMOFPS And Shooting Games List (2013)

MMOFPS and online shooting games have become one of the driving forces behind adrenaline fueled MMO games of today. Widely considered as the most skillful of the MMO genres, MMOFPS titles provide players with intense PvP unlike anything seen in other MMO genres. Whether you enjoy action-packed, lobby-based action, or large-scale battles on colossal battlefields, we’ve highlighted some of the best MMOFPS games available to play now and in 2013.

10. Face Of Mankind

Face of Mankind is the oldest game on our list but it doesn’t mean it won’t continue to be worthy to play in 2013. Taking an entirely new direction in the online shooter space, Face of Mankind features a player-driven game with one of the most unique communities ever seen in the online world. Every single action within the game, from diplomacy and alliances to crime and punishment is governed by the player base. The game may be struggling in terms of graphics and combat but it’s second to none when it comes to the involvement of the players.

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9. The War Z

Probably the most controversial game on our top FPS games to play in 2013 the development of The War Z has been surrounded by criticism since the go. Despite many jumping what they believe to be a sinking ship, there are still thousands that hold high hopes for the potential of The War Z. Offering players a casual approach to the perm-death mechanics of DayZ, The War Z is an open world survival game where players must survive a hostile environment filled with hordes of the undead and hundreds of highly dangerous players.

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8. The Repopulation

Although officially labeled as an MMORPG The Repopulation features an innovative dual combat system that allows players to switch between typical hot-key combat and a more action orientated option close to that of an FPS game. The Repopulation has already attracted the hearts of hundreds of Pre-CU SWG fans and was another MMO that has been made possible thanks to the increasingly popular Kickstarter. The game boasts one of the most expansive feature lists that I’ve ever seen for an MMO and is definitely a top choice in 2013 for fans of heavy crafting MMO games.

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7. Survarium

One of the lesser known games in our best MMOFPS titles to play in 2012 Survarium is another post-apocalyptic MMOFPS game but with a few differences. It blends together the game modes and features from regular lobby-based FPS games with single player and cooperative functions to provide a truly unique experience for shooting fans. Learn valuable survival skills, trade with other players and complete difficult takes in one of the most exciting MMOFPS releases of 2013.
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You couldn’t make a list discussing the best FPS games to play in 2013 without mentioning DayZ. Following the massive success from the Arma II mod developer Dean Hall joined the ranks at Bohemia Interactive and is now working with the experienced developers on DayZ Standalone. Promising to offer vast improvements on practically every area of the game DayZ Standalone is one of the most anticipated releases of 2013.
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5. Ghost Recon Online

The online adaptation of one of the most successful FPS franchises in history, Tom Clancy. Developed by Ubisoft, one of the most successful game developers of 2012, Ghost Recon Online is all set to capture the tactics and strategy that have made the older games so popular and merge them with regular MMOFPS features to provide players with an experience worthy of the Tom Clancy name. Futuristic technology, in-depth character progression and round-based matches await those eager enough to dive into the world of Ghost Recon Online. Currently available to play in an open beta capacity, the game is expected to launch later this year.
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4. DUST 514

Developed and published by CCP, the team behind the massively popular EVE Online, DUST 514 represents a new era of MMOFPS games. For the first time in AAA MMOFPS history, DUST 514 will work in conjunction with the massive universe available in EVE Online, with players from both titles being able to influence the universal changes and control outcomes in the other game. No other game has boasted a feat this big before so we’re not really sure how successful it will be but the response from testers so far has been very positive so be sure to watch out for this one in 2013.  The game is currently available only on PS3 but hopefully will be coming to a PC in the near future. [play-now=]Play DUST 514 Now[/play-now]

3. Earthrise

An upcoming post-apocalyptic MMO title that promises to deliver players a unique shooting experience supported by a diverse list of exclusive FPS features. Step away from the typically mundane advancement systems in other FPS games and enjoy an in-depth, skill-based advancement system. The game also features a player-driven economy, removing the genuinely dull in-game stores seen in the majority of online shooting games. Earthrise is currently accepting applicants for alpha testing with the game expecting to launch mid-late 2013.

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2. World Of Tanks

Not your typical shooting title, World of Tanks is a record breaking FPS title that offers players unprecedented World War II action using authentic models from many nations included in the most infamous war in history. Attracting over 40 million players since the games launch, World of Tanks is considered to be one of the most popular online games today, outranking League of Legends on player spending by almost 6x the value. Take part in epic battles with millions of players across the globe in this highly tactical World War II tank combat simulator.

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1. PlanetSide 2

Currently the most popular free-to-play MMOFPS game available on the internet and we think it’s still going to be just as strong come this time next year. The sequel to the hugely popular PlanetSide from Sony Online Entertainment, PlanetSide 2 expands on its predecessor in almost every way possible. Participate in some of the largest scale battles ever conceived in the world of online shooting games. Whether you enjoy infantry combat, aerial battles or vehicular destruction, PlanetSide 2 offers everything any experienced FPS player would want.

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