Best Free MOBA Games List (2013)

A genre conceived by a simple mod that has exploded onto the MMO scene and given birth to an entire new race of games, MOBA’s (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Over the last few years we have seen this monster genre grow from a simple idea to one of the most popular past-times for online gamers. Here at MMOAttack we’ve compiled a list of the best MOBA titles available to play now and in 2013.

10. Super Monday Night Combat

The free-to-play sequel of the popular Monday Night Combat, Super Monday Night Combat is quite the unique MOBA in the sense that it offers players a virtual, futuristic television show style setting with a similar humor style to that of Team Fortress 2. It doesn’t follow the typical fantasy settings of the other MOBA’s on this list, instead offering players explosive action that revolves around more military themed weapons. It’s free-to-play and is available via Steam but there are premium DLC packs that can be purchased that include new weapons and game modes.

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9. Untitled

I wasn’t overly sure whether to add this game to the list as we know nothing about it, in fact we don’t even know if it’s a guaranteed MOBA game but I felt it had to be mentioned purely because of the team behind it. In early October Visceral Games, the developers of the upcoming Dead Space 3, posted several job listings that included Concept Artists, Game Designers and other positions that required an ?unhealthy passion for MOBA games.? It would be hopeful to expect a 2013 release but we’re expecting a big announcement shortly after the release of Dead Space 3.

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8. Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes has failed to make a big impact on the MOBA scene in 2012 but it does have a big enough following to continue into 2013. Based on the iconic Warhammer universe the game uses similar classes, maps and abilities from the PvP centered MMORPG, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Sadly many Warhammer fans felt it was too close to a clone of the PvP in the RPG thus it fell a little short at release but the developers are relentless and continue to update the title with new characters and maps. It is also one of the only MOBA’s to use a three-team combat system, stepping up from the typical setting of two teams.

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7. Forge

Yeah, I know. It’s a free-to-play MOBA list but I felt I had to mention Forge. An indie development team challenging one of the most competitive genres in gaming deserves a call-out right? It will only set you back $20 on Steam and although it doesn’t follow the typical MOBA guidelines, it does offer lobby-based PvP at the click of a button. Featuring an exciting variety of classes, fast-paced combat and intuitive game design, Forge is only missing the popularity that it deserves.

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6. Sins of a Dark Age

From the developers of Sins of a Solar Empire comes a new MOBA epic, Sins of a Dark Age. Although not guaranteed to launch in 2013 the developers do publish regular state of the game letters and they are moving at a fast pace. Although sharing many features with other MOBA games the main selling point of Sins of a Dark Age are the Realm Quests, an evolving system that gives players a huge variety of tasks to complete in-game. It may not be the move advertised MOBA on this list but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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5. Guardians of Middle Earth

The only console title featured in our best MOBA games of 2013 the Guardians of Middle Earth is pretty much what it sounds like, a Lord of the Rings inspired MOBA title. Developed by Monolith games Guardians of Middle Earth gives players the opportunity to take control of a huge variety of famous characters from Tolkien’s world and participate in strategy-based online PvP. The game has been well received by most critics but lacks the player base of most PC based MOBA games.

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4. Blizzard All-Stars

Originally called Blizzard DotA, but recently changed after a legal dispute with Valve, Blizzard All-Stars is the MOBA attempt from the MMO giants that brought you World of Warcraft. Very little is known about the upcoming MOBA, well we’re not even sure it will release in 2013 as the website just states “soonish”, but we do know it’s a MOBA themed title that will feature two teams consisting of some of the most popular characters from across the Blizzard universe.

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3. Smite

From Hi-Rez Studios, the same development team behind the hugely popular MMOFPS Tribes Ascend, comes one of the most unique games in the MOBA world, Smite. Stepping away from the typical isometric view Smite provides players with a third-person MOBA experience, supported by high-quality graphics, an in-depth mythical setting and more innovative mechanics than the majority of games in this list. Offering WASD movement controls and a much more user-friendly learning curve, Smite is definitely the game for players that feel the isometric view is a little complex.
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2. Defense of the Ancients 2

The original DotA, a mod for the popular RTS game Warcraft III, gave birth to the MOBA genre and Dota 2 is Valve’s attempt at challenging for the crown of this lucrative genre. Created alongside developers of the original game DotA expands on practically every area of the original and already boasts a highly impressive Hero list consisting of almost 100 playable characters. Many have said it is far more difficult than the current MOBA champion but that really depends on who you speak with. Regardless of difficulty, if there’s any MMO that’s going to challenge League of Legends it will be Dota 2.
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1. League of Legends

Come on now, did you honestly expect anything else to take up the number 1 spot? Despite launching almost 4 years ago League of Legends is still the grand daddy of the MOBA genre. A constantly expanding selection of Champions, one of the most competitive PvP scenes ever seen in an online game, and a perfectly balanced and highly lucrative revenue model are just some of the reasons League of Legends is still the greatest MOBA on the planet. Despite having an entire year of releases ahead of us, there is no single MOBA game that is going to simply steal the crown from LoL in that amount of time.
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