Betheseda mysteriously teases an announcement set for today

Betheseda has released an image for a certain reveal later on today. No one knows if it will be the new DLC that they have hinted to in the past. The company attached an image (above) to a tweet on Twitter that shows a man sitting in the darkness.

“Tomorrow,” tweeted Bethesda earlier yesterday.

The image (above) that was attached looks like a disheveled man. Is he a prisoner? He looks sort of like a Nord, if were to do anything with Skyrim.

There was nothing specifically pointing to Skyrim but it seems that likely the company will announce the first add-on to Skyrim today. They mentioned last week that they were on the verge of revealing DLC details.

Bethesda has previously confirmed that the first two pieces of DLC for Skyrim will be timed Xbox360 exclusives; PlayStation 3 owners will receive the content 30 days later.

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