Black Desert Sandbox MMO – Teaser Trailer

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Black Desert has already amassed a massive following in Korea and with a Western release approaching the developers have revealed a brand new teaser trailer. The video showcases some exciting combat footage featuring a variety of the available classes, each of which appear to have the ability to kill large groups of enemies at the same time, always an exciting prospect for combat-based MMORPG games.

If you pay close attention you will also notice some footage of mounted combat. Three of the classes chase a huge monster across the open plains whilst the archer sites in the rear peppering the enemy with a volley of arrows.

The sandbox MMORPG genre doesn’t have the greatest reputation here in the West. The levels of freedom and amount of features required to make a decent sandbox MMO quite often mean the game lacks in other areas. The first victims of this are usually the graphical and audio departments. However, the trailer makes it clear that Black Desert hasn’t sacrificed either of these aspects with gorgeous visuals and excellent sound effects.

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