Black Deserts – Interview with developer Pearl Abyss

MMO Culture recently got the chance to interview one of the developers with Pearl Abyss about their upcoming free to play MMORPG Black Deserts.  I had reached out to the team a few months back and never got a reply, which is apparently exactly what happened with MMO Culture.  But seeing as they did such a great job with the interview I thought i’d let you all know about it and have you click over to them if you were interested in hearing about the game.  

Link: MMO Culture’s Interview with Black Deserts

[heading]A Few Key Points[/heading]Black Deserts was built using its own self-developed engine because the developer wanted to create and entirely different game than what we are seeing from MMORPGs available today.  They needed their own engine that would meet the requirements of the large scale castle sieges that will be a key feature of the game.

Guilds are able to own castles which can then receive taxes from the people in its territory.  Castles can be invaded by enemy guilds by either bombarding the gates or using ladders to scale the castle wall.

The game will be open world and feature a more diverse gameplay than their previous title C9, but also have instanced dungeons that will include monster killing, guarding caravans, rescue missions, horse racing, finding lost cats, catching thieves and more.

Korean players will be able to test the game started the middle of 2013.  A western release down the road is still in the works, they need to find a capable publishing partner first.

[heading]Black Desert Debut Trailer[/heading]

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