Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online is a genre-blending, free-to-play MMORPG from developer and publisher Snail Games. Black Gold Online features a deeply-imagined game world on the brink of political collapse between the two dominating factions, the steam-powered Kingdom of Isenhorst and the high-fantasy, magical land of the Erlandir Union. Greed over the rare and increasingly valuable resource, Black Gold, has caused an era of tension and unease, a sentiment which places strain on the already shaky relationship between the land of Montel’s two nations. It is up to you, the player, to choose a side and take up arms to help decide the success, or at very least, the survival of your kind.

Black Gold Online features an expansive world to explore and a diverse population of conflicting interests. Six races are available to choose from (four currently, two coming soon), each with a political and moral alignment. Depending on the race chosen, players will be offered a selection of classes from a total pool of 12. Each class has its own story to tell and a unique path to follow, ranging from the fiery Pyromancer to the technologically inclined Spectromancer.

Whether more in tune with the powers of nature or imaginative creations, players can expect fast-paced action combat in both the game’s PvE and open PvP battles. Dynamic events will play a large part in the living, ever-varied world of Montel, with a staggering possibility of 3,000 unique and random events for players to participate in.

Though each race and class is powerful in their own right, neither side would be of comparable strength without their selection of carriers: Black Gold Online’s version of combat-ready mechs and Warbeasts. Players will take to land and air in heavily armored machines of death or equally thick-skinned fantastical beasts.

It’s an all-out war in the land of Montel and no one is safe from the threat of destruction. Strempunk or fantasy/magic; choose a side and join the fight.

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