Blizzard All-Stars Announcement At Gamescom?

Blizzard Entertainment recently released a cryptic statement, hinting at a special announcement at the Gamescom conference later this month. The information comes from a media-only invitation sent out this morning:

“We’re making a special announcement that’s sure to capture the attention of the Heavens, Burning Hells, and all the shadowed places that lie between.”

The announcement itself is said to occur on the very first day of this years Gamescom festival in Cologne. Interested parties will want to keep their eyes glued on August 21st at 11:30am, as there’s some huge potential for the upcoming announcement.

The announcement could be in relation to Blizzard All-Stars, the MOBA attempt from the MMO giants but there are also other potential games involved such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft II and Hearthstone.

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